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A short term voluntary project, or workcamp, is a community work project carried out by a group of between 5 and 24 volunteers of different nationalities during a period of between 1 and 3 weeks.
It’s a great opportunity to experience, learn, discover and meet – new cultures, people, languages and yourself while investing your time and energy to the project in benefit of others!

For over 90 years, international workcamp represents a unique form of voluntary service: workcamps bring together people from different backgrounds to work for micro projects that benefit to local communities.
Many work camps are open to people with physical, mental or sensory disabilities and some projects also accept the participation of families.

Workcamps provide opportunities to explore the potential of an international group to work together, to act and to have fun. The group experience is a commitment to working out decisions and problems together. The work is important and not a mere occupational time: all projects answer real local needs, with strong expectations by the sponsors (local communities and councils). The objective is to collaborate to develop a project of voluntary work based around diverse themes –ecology, art and culture, childhood, heritage, renovation, peace building…–, with the common action of the local population and of a group of international volunteers.

During free time volunteers can rest, take part in workshops or discover the host country, depending on the project and on the initiative of the group.

IMPORTANT: INEX-SDA can only send Czech citizens or residents to workcamps abroad.

If you have a different nationality, you do not have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic or you have not lived here for at least one year, you need to find a sending organisation in your country of origin and you can experience voluntary work yourself – you can come to volunteer in the Czech Republic!

You can search for your sending organisation in our networks:

Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations
Service Civil International

If you do not speak Czech, but you are a resident in the Czech Republic, please contact us at workcamp@inexsda.cz.

You can find projects to apply for in our database (in Czech only).



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