ESC Assist the Elderly in Prague

7. srpna 2022 - 21. srpna 2022 (14 dnů)

Czech Republic
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Kód projektu: ESC EACEA 3
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This workcamp takes place in the outskirts of Prague 15 and is organized in cooperation with the Centre for Social Care and Nursing which provides support and assistance to users of the service who have found themselves due to their age, health, chronic illness, or crisis in their personal life in a situation where they are dependent on the help of another person. This workcamp aims to support intercultural and intergenerational exchange, gain mutual understanding, respect, and maybe even a new perspective on life. At this workcamp, you will actively contribute to the achievement of UN SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing and UN SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities.


Prague 15 is a municipal district located on the southeastern outskirts of Prague. There is Kozinec hill, where the existence of an old Slavic fortified settlement is documented, and Hostivař reservoir. There is also an ornithological ringing station and the Center for Ecological Education in the city district. Toulcův dvůr, Prague. Prague 15 has a lot of green areas and good facilities for sport. There is a swimming pool in the neighborhood. Besides, you can visit Prague city center, see exhibitions, visit nearby castles or go hiking in the countryside.

Prague 15


Please bring something traditional from your country which you can share with the residents. Workcamp is a pleasant refreshment for the center because the routine changes and there are young people among the residents. Workcamp is suitable for all empathetic, creative, and cheerful people who respect the elderly. You can get a certificate confirming your voluntary service in the Center for Social Care and Nursing.


You will work with the elderly and participate in occupational therapy. You will help to organize leisure time activities, garden parties, go for walks with the residents, assist the nurses with daily tasks, and potentially do some manual work (e.g. gardening, cleaning, helping in the kitchen, etc.). It is very much welcome if you come with your own ideas and initiative on how to break the routine in the center. Please bring your favorite music, pictures, or small games with you to share with the elderly.


In a nearby hostel (Na Šancích - Turínská 1494/1, 109 00 Praha 15), in rooms with beds and linen. Each room also has its own bathroom. You can see the photos of the accommodation here: You will have breakfast in the place of your accommodation, lunch, and dinner will be provided in the canteen of the nursing home (Janovská 486, 109 00 Praha 15-Horní Měcholupy)


Informace k cestě

Nejbližší letiště: PRG
Nejbližší terminál: The Bus Stop Nové Petrovice
Místo a čas setkání: Place of your accommodation Na Šancích - Turínská 1494/1, 109 00 Praha 15 between 1 pm and 5 pm. From the airport, you can reach the accommodation easily by taking public transport (a combination of bus and metro - leaves every few minutes). It takes approximately one and a half hours.


This project is supported by the EU program European Solidarity Corps. Some of the conditions differ from the usual workcamps; there will be detailed info provided after your acceptance. For more info about ESC visit

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