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Environmental Protection and Social Entrepreneurship

Are you interested in environmental protection? Do you have experience in social entrepreneurship?
For this project, we are seeking two participants with educational backgrounds in environmental science and economics. This project may also be right for you, if you have a social science background. Additionally, you should have data processing skills and experience organising and facilitating activities. If you enjoy working with youth and are able to communicate well in verbal and written English, you should consider applying.

The Community Development Centre, Today for the Future, (CDC-TFF) is a non-governmental organisation that strives to improve the social and economic conditions of marginalised communities. CDC-TFF provides services to all members of the community, but particularly supports women, youth, and children by promoting gender equality. It offers psychological counselling for people who are affected by gender-based and domestic violence. It also runs cultural activities, such as a garden and cinema, and organises community volunteering. Moreover, CDC-TFF focuses on economic empowerment by providing vocational training and employment mediation. The centre liaises with the local government on environmental issues and the rights and needs of the community. Established in 2013, CDC-TFF has centres in Albania’s capital, Tirana, the city of Durrës, and the northern town of Puka.

This project internship may take place at any or all of CDC-TFF’s locations. As a GLEN participant, you would work together with CDC-TFF staff in the social department with the youth group and/or women’s groups. As part of this team, you would co-design and carry out two initiatives – one on environmental protection and another on social entrepreneurship. You would brainstorm ideas and activities to begin each project. As part of this work, you would develop a media presence and news stories to publicise. Upon completing the projects, you would analyse the results for sustainable potential. You would also be involved in networking. Specific tasks will be determined in consultation with the partner organisation.

The internship is scheduled, in consultation with the partner organisation, for three months between July 2019 and January 2020. Preparatory training and seminars will be held in English.

The GLEN team will consist of a Czech participant and a German participant.

  • Language(s): English
  • Topic / area(s) of interest: Sustainable Economy, Social Participation, Climate and Environmental Protection
  • Field(s) of study (Category): Social sciences, Economic Sciences
  • Vocational field(s)/field(s) of study (Specification): Environmental Science, Entrepreneurship, Project Management
  • Period of the internship: 3 months between July 2019 and January 2020
  • Country: Albania
  • Number of Participants: 2
  • Proposed by: Community Development Center „Today for the Future“ (CDC-TFF)
  • Number of the internship: 1101
  • Project Title: Environmental Protection and Social Entrepreneurship

Classification of the internship in the development fields (Numbers): 7, 12, 16


Source: TFF

Grilování (nejen) vedoucích v Praze, 23.5.

Už tradičně se sejdeme u dobrého jídla a pití. Popovídáme si o vedení workcampů v Česku, co to přesně znamená, co díky tomu můžeš zažít, ale také o všem ostatním. Akce je pro INEXí zaměstance a zaměstnankyně, stážisty*ky, aktivní dobrovolníky a dobrovolnice i všechny ty, kteří na workcampu byli už před delší dobou, nebo neopak ty, kteří nad tím teprve přemýšlí. Těšíme se na tebe!