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Spain – Volunteer Supporting Incoming Area and ESC Area

Country: Spain
Location: Barcelona
Our partner is looking for 1 ESC volunteer.
DATES: from 1st February 2020 to 30th November 2020
DURATION: 10 months

Project Description

COCAT is a platform organisation of international workcamps organisations in Catalunya. It
gathers Catalan organisations that implement activities in the social-educational field.
Our main goal is to promote international volunteering, understood as a tool for personal and
community development and social transformation.

We promote international volunteering mainly in 2 ways:

  • Sending Catalan volunteers to the world to do workcamps, mid and long term projects
    (also EVS), training, youth exchanges, etc…
  • Hosting international volunteers in the workcamp projects that our member organisations organize.
    We are really concerned about inequalities and environmental issues, that’s why:
  • We support youngsters with fewer opportunities so that they can also participate in this
    kind of experiences
  • We promote sustainable practices both in the projects in Catalunya and in the travels
    our volunteers do to their projects.

The role of the volunteers who will participate in our ESC project will be to support the incoming,
outgoing and the A4A/ESC volunteering areas and also support in the communication area. It
means one of the volunteers will be supporting the work that is done to host volunteers
(incoming) and the other one will be supporting the work that is done to send volunteers
(outgoing), and the third one will be supporting the work in the A4A/ESC and more intensively the communication and external relation tasks. The three will be promoting international voluntary service-producing informative material, participating in informative sessions, updating
the web and the social networks and publishing articles and posts in our website. The 3
volunteers will manage administrative tasks and will work in a team in COCAT office in Calabria
street no120, postal code 08015 Barcelona.

More information you can find here.

Tasks of the Volunteer

The first step to start the workcamps season is to prepare a detailed programme with all the
information from the local partners (member organisations) to provide to the international
partners in the Technical Meeting we annually do with Alliance, our international network.
Detailed informative document to send to the volunteers that will participate in Catalan
workcamps (it includes some general info about COCAT and Catalunya and detailed
information about the project, how to get to the meeting point, contact person)
Once all these documents are ready, the registration process starts. It’s time to keep in touch
with international organisations to see the volunteers they send and contact with local
organisations to see which volunteers they can host. The incoming ESC volunteer will have to
deal with visa invitation letters and other documents.
COCAT organises several trainings before the volunteer’s departure. We expect from the ESC to support this activity with the rest of the team.
The volunteer will have the opportunity if he/she wishes to participate in an international project
(it could be a workcamp, youth exchange, international training, depending on the availability) if
he/she wants to. He/she could also have the opportunity to visit the Catalan workcamps during
the summer season with the rest of the team.
At the end of the workcamps season is the time for evaluations. The incoming ESC volunteer
will go through the evaluation forms and also will participate in the evaluations meetings to
understand and get to know the experiences of the Catalan volunteers in COCAT’s workcamps.
Out of the evaluations from volunteers and from our member organisations, we produce an
annual report that shows what has happened in our workcamps during the whole year and a
best practices report that highlights the most positive aspects and examples we can promote
among our international partners.

Profile of the Volunteer

  • Strong motivation for youth voluntary projects.
  • Experience in volunteering.
  • Good English level
  • The consciousness that the project will have a big administrative part (although in the summer the project gets more dynamic).

    Will be positively valued
  • Having participated in a workcamp or in other international youth projects (youth exchanges,
  • Spanish knowledge
  • Will to learn Catalan and ability for foreign languages.
  • Experience, interest in communication and social media.

How to Apply

  1. Please take your time to fill in this form on-line.
    You can answer it in Catalan/Spanish if you feel like you are able to.
    We will automatically receive your questionnaire so you don’t need to send it by e-mail.
  2. Send your CV to and put in a copy
    Mail subject should be: „ESC COCAT February 2020”

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