Treasures of Jewish culture in Holesov

20. července 2022 - 31. července 2022 (11 dnů)

Czech Republic
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Kód projektu: SDA103
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Počet dobrovolníků
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10 EUR

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The workcamp takes place in Holesov, a small Moravian town, known for its large prewar Jewish community. This community was almost exterminated during World War II and there are very few members left today. There is an important Jewish heritage in Holesov – an old synagogue and also a grave of one of the greatest Jewish scholars - Rabbi Shabbatai HaKohen (also known as Shakh). The workcamp also supports the work of the Cultural Centre of Holesov which maintains the local cemetery and other Jewish monuments and organizes the annual Jewish Culture Festival. The goal of this workcamp is to maintain the Jewish cemetery, help with the organization of the festival and learn about Jewish heritage.


Location: The project takes place in Holesov (12,000 inhabitants), a historical town located in the southeast of the Czech Republic. It is well known for its important Jewish heritage such as a rare synagogue from the 16th century or Holesov cemetery - an important place of pilgrimage for Jews. Leisure time: In your free time you can go on a trip to the UNESCO site of Kromeriz, visit the pilgrimage hill of Hostyn or the open-air museum of folk architecture in Rymice. You will also have free entry to all cultural activities organized by the Cultural Center and to the local swimming pool.



Please beware that the work will take place outdoors and suitable clothes and shoes are needed. Also, we recommend protection from the sun and ticks.


Most of the time you will work at the Jewish cemetery and in the Shakhs synagogue (about 90% of your working time) where you will help with the maintenance of outdoor areas (cleaning pavements, weeding, cutting and raking grass, maintaining graveyards, etc.) You will also help with the preparation of the Jewish Culture Festival which takes place in Holesov during the workcamp. Please, bring suitable shoes and working clothes. You will also work on the weekend (because of the festival) but you will get enough time off. Study part: You will learn a lot about Jewish culture and its heritage through visiting local monuments and experiencing the Jewish Culture Festival (concerts, performances, films etc.). You will also have a chance to meet the local community during a barbecue or at a traditional lunch with the representatives of the town.


You will be accommodated in the building adjacent to the Holesov Castle in Holesov. There are beds, showers, and toilets available. Blankets will be provided. You will prepare your own meals together as a group or you can eat in local restaurants. You are also invited to an annual traditional lunch with city officials and the mayor. WIFI is not available in the building - only at the synagogue and the castle.


Informace k cestě

Nejbližší terminál: Train station of Holesov
Místo a čas setkání: The meeting point is Zámecká 1279, 769 01 Holešov (place of accommodation), in the afternoon between 4 PM – 8 PM. The easiest way to reach the meeting point from Prague is to take the train from Prague to Hulin and then take another train from there to Holešov. The journey takes around 3 and half hours. Detailed travel information will be provided in the Info sheet.


Volunteers interested in the Jewish culture are especially welcome! You can have a look at the photos from our last workcamp here:

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