Summer in the Elbe Lowlands

2. července 2022 - 14. července 2022 (12 dnů)

Czech Republic
Počet dobrovolníků: 16
Účastnický poplatek: 10 EUR
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Kód projektu: SDA101
Jazyk workcampu
Požadovaný věk
18 let
Počet dobrovolníků
Volná místa celkem
Účastnický poplatek
10 EUR

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The workcamp is organized in cooperation with the Local Action Group Podlipansko in the small village of Dobrichov. This Local Action Group (LAG) focuses on the development of all parts of the region and helps to distribute European and state subsidies to improve the quality of life in the entire Podlipansko region. Podlipansko is a typical rural and agricultural area located in the Central Bohemian Region in the very heart of the Czech Republic. One of the LAG’s projects is the reconstruction of the rectory in Dobrichov. This workcamp aims to restore its neglected garden, so that cultural or environmental events can be held there. At this workcamp, you will actively contribute to the achievement of the UN SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.


Location: The village Dobrichov is located in the district of Kolín in the Central Bohemian Region, about 14 km northwest of the nearest big town Kolin. It is surrounded by large towns such as Kolin, Sadska, Cesky Brod and Pecky. Dobrichov lies in the Elbe lowlands, which contributes to the fertility of the surrounding fields. In the village, there is a grocery store, a pub, a football field, tennis courts, archaeological park Pichora and a church. Leisure: You can get to know the local community through football and volleyball tournaments or visit the nearby Radim Castle. Also just in the accommodation area, there is table tennis, table football and a piano. You can play lacrosse, basketball, and badminton, try archery, and do many other sports activities.



Don’t forget to bring clothes and shoes that are suitable for work, and a sleeping bag. Smoking is restricted in the whole area. This workcamp is suited for volunteers with hearing impairments/deafness and people with other type of lighter disadvantages such as economic, social or health related. Due to limited outgoing resources of INEX-SDA, we kindly ask participants to contribute 10 EUR towards the costs of general incoming administration of our workcamps. The fee will be collected upon arrival. Please note that this fee does not directly contribute to the workcamp budgets.


The work will be mostly outside and manual. It includes cleaning and maintaining the garden - removing branches, raking grass and leaves, removing debris, setting up compost, cleaning a fountain and possibly other similar work. The garden is within walkable distance from the accommodation. Please, bring clothes and shoes that are suitable for work. Study part: Explore and learn about the two local towns of Kolin and Pecky or go on a train trip to the town of Kourim and see its historic centre. You can also visit the archaeological park and ancient burial ground dated back to 1-4 century AD and learn more about the Marcomanni tribe which used to inhabit the place.


Accommodation is provided in the fully renovated premises of the former rectory. You will be sleeping on mats. Please bring a sleeping bag. You can also bring an inflatable mat for better comfort. There are three toilets, a shower, and a small kitchen available. Lunch will be provided by a local partner, but breakfast and dinners will be prepared by the volunteers on their own using provided ingredients. WIFI is available. The address of the location is Dobrichov 24, 289 11.


Informace k cestě

Nejbližší letiště: PRG
Nejbližší terminál: The train station of Pecky
Místo a čas setkání: The meeting point is the accommodation and is at any time between 16 - 17 o’clock. The easiest way to reach the meeting point is to take the train to Pecky train station. The accommodation is located at a 15 minutes walk from there. There is a good train connection between Prague and Pecky. Note that it takes around 1 hour to get there. There is a train departing every 30 minutes.


Because the work will take place outside in the garden, beware of allergies to grass, pollen, insects, etc. Don’t forget to bring clothes and shoes that are suitable for work, and a sleeping bag. Smoking is restricted in the whole area. You can check or local partner’s website (Czech only but you can use Google translator):

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