16. září 2022 - 27. září 2022 (11 dnů)

Portugal, Portuguese Republic
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Get to know and experience Permaculture and regenerative practices - Together we can reshape the way we care for our resources by engaging in regenerative design and practices. Aligned with the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration this is a Camp that supports the global mission to improve peoples wellbeing, to help counteract climate change, and bring back more biodiversity into our ecosystems. We will support the care and improvement of Projecto Novas Descobertas Learning Campus, pedagogical gardens and plant nursery, participate in daily permacultural farm routines at Vale da Lama, visit and engage in a local regenerative project and help co-create a awareness raising event about regenerative livelihoods and growing food.


Quinta do Vale da Lama, OdiEUxere, Lagos, Faro, Algarve, Portugal





Permaculture practice: We will care for pedagogical gardens and nursery; improve Permaculture educational spaces and resources; support organic farming and regenerative agricultural production spaces. Awareness raising event: We will cocreate, organize and present a public event about regenerative livelihoods and growing food; a partnership with a local network of farms. Meal preparation and maintenance of collective spaces: We will assist the chef in preparing meals for the group; rotate daily tasks necessary to maintain health, well-being, and the functioning of the camp.


Our venues facilities include prepared and amp; shaded camping areas, hot showers, indoor bathrooms and dining hall, as well as WiFi, charging stations, small library, tools and didactic materials. Accomodation is made in individual tents; please bring your own if you can, if you cant the project will provide one. The project will provide 5 meals per day (breakfast; Lunch; snack; dinner; supper). We serve a mediterranean diet, mainly vegetarian based as much as possible on the following ethical sequence: seasonal, local and organic.


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