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11. října 2021 - 24. října 2021 (14 dnů)

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Kód projektu: SDA 208
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This workcamp is organized by NGO Anitkomplex in cooperation with NGO Hojnost. Antikomplex strives for a society made up of truly free people and at the same time responsible citizens. It achieves this through critical reflection on the past and through programs for schools and the public. It seeks to prevent resurfacing historical traumas, which can be a source of populist manipulation that abuses historical traumas and baptisms to achieve political goals. In their activities, they focus mainly on the coexistence of Czech and German culture in the Czech lands and on critical knowledge and reflection on this coexistence. Hojnost is an association for more accessible local and healthy food, it has been cooperating with the Porta coeli monastery since January 2019, when it started cleaning old monastery orchards and gardens as part of volunteer projects in order to turn them into production orchards and a community garden. Hojnost also aims to support farmers and small producers in the Tisnov region. In this workcamp, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG11).


Predklasteri. A small village (1,400 inhabitants) about 30 km from Brno. It is situated in a picturesque landscape and it is considered to be the gateway of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Leisure time: Sightseeing in the region (the Pernstejn Castle and religious sights in the valley of the Svratka River between the towns of Tisnov and Pernstejn). Hiking in the countryside can be arranged. You can also visit local caves, a horse riding hall or 3D archery range. Fun games and activities will be prepared for you by the organizers. Meeting point: Predklasteri. The meeting time is usually in the afternoon. Please note it takes about 3,5 hours to get there from Prague and about 40 minutes from Brno. The exact info will be provided in the infosheet.


The workcamp takes place in the area of the monastery with a community of three nuns still living there, so it is necessary to behave respectfully. The place where the nuns live is not in the same building as the accommodation for volunteers, but it is necessary to respect the quiet hours at night and not to consume hard alcohol. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the night life during your trip to Brno.


The workcamp aims to find common Central European roots between Czech and German culture. Workcamp will not only work manually, in addition to a number of work activities (assistance in monastic forests in planting species-diverse forests, minor work in the monastery, production of bio coal in monastic orchards) we will also engage in slightly professional pomological work- mapping old and regional varieties of fruit trees. We will also work on unravelling the story of Hevika Kroker, a Sudeten German woman from Krnov, who was moved to Predklasteri with her family after the war, where she also died in 2019. Together with the participants, we will examine her estate and try to reconstruct her life story. The work will be varied and adjusted to physical abilities of the volunteers. Please bring clothes that can get dirty and solid shoes. Study part: At the end of the workcamp, we will organize an event for the public, which will acquaint them with the fate of the pre-monastery neighbor Hedvika Kroker and how the "big" 20th century could have been reflected in people's daily lives. In addition, we will focus on common Czech-German elements in local culture and history - we will measure the excursion to Brno especially on its mixed character, we will visit the Gregor Mendel Museum and Villa Tugendhat. We also plan a trip to Lomnice, where there is a former Jewish quarter.


In the former monastery school. You will sleep in three rooms with bunk beds. Every room has its own bathroom with a shower and a toilet. There is electricity and hot water available in the building. Please bring your own sleeping bag. You will prepare your meals together as a group in an equipped kitchen. A team of two volunteers will prepare each meal so that you can present your home cuisine. Please bring your favourite recipes. If you have a special diet, please let us know in advance. The food will be predominantly vegetarian because of environmental and ethical reasons. There is a washing machine and wi-fi in the building.



Protective equipment (gloves, glasses, respirators) will be provided by the hosting organization. Please bring working clothes, headwear, sunscreen and sturdy shoes.

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