HeartBeats for Historical Brewery

28. června 2021 - 4. července 2021 (7 dnů)

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Spolek pro Obnovu pivovaru v Janovicích is an association that in 2018 took over the more than 200-year-old and neglected former Harrach's brewery in Janovice near Rymarov in the protected landscape area Jeseniky into their hands. The goal is to bring the famous and beautiful brewery near Janovicky chateau to life again. They are united by a love of history and culture, their roots at the border and a desire to leave the world in a better state than they met. The long-term goal is to resume brewing beer, which ceased here in 1946. At the same time, they want to turn the brewery into a cultural center, which will encourage active living with its program. In this workcamp, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG11).


The workcamp will take place directly in the historic Janovice Brewery near Rymarov, which is located in the Jeseniky Protected Landscape Area, next to the trout stream and is part of the Janovice Chateau complex. Janovice is a small village with 670 inhabitants. The brewery is located in the foothills of Praded Mountain and there are opportunities for fantastic trips. Leisure time: There are many beautiful places for trips. In the immediate vicinity and also in the wider vicinity (approx. 20km) of the surroundings there are mountains, lakes, waterfalls, meadows, nature reserves as well as castles, churches, historical monuments. Janovice near Rymarov. The meeting time is usually in the afternoon. Please note that it takes at least 3-4 hours to get there from Prague. The exact info will be provided in the infosheet.



The work will be manual and some can be more physically demanding (depending on your possibilities). You will work to drain the western side of the brewery so that water does not seep into the foundations; to clear and start renovating sunken ceilings in several parts of the brewery after water seepage; to make accessible, clear and repair some former industrial premises; to cultivate part of the castle garden and to renovate some original elements (windows, doors, stairs). Bring working clothes which can get dirty). Study part: Presentation and excursion around the brewery with a historical interpretation, excursion to Janovický Chateau, excursion to Tourist Stamps and maybe some more activities (music, beekeeping).


Accommodation is set up directly in the brewery building, in its living area in the volunteer clubhouse and there is an emphasis on comfortable living for up to about 10 people, including two toilets, large kitchen, spacious table, room for managers (team room) and extra special entrance directly to inside the brewery. For sleeping there is a sleeping space for 6 people, two sofa beds, a bed in the main bedroom and two beds in the team room. Please bring your own sleeping bags and mats. The brewery includes a part of the castle garden, where you can spend great time in the evening by the fire. The volunteers will cook all the meals together as a group.



Workcamp is especially suitable for lovers of history and beautiful nature. Allergy notice: Dust, mold, dandelions in summer.

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