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ERASMUS-HERITAGE- Castle of Marcoussis - příspěvek na dopravu 275€

5. července 2019 - 20. července 2019 (16 dnů)

Počet dobrovolníků: 6
Volná místa celkem: 1
Účastnický poplatek: 30 EUR
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Kód projektu: REM 01
Jazyk workcampu
Požadovaný věk
17 let
Počet dobrovolníků
Volná místa celkem
Účastnický poplatek
30 EUR


HISTORY OF THE SITE The Castle of Marcoussis was built by Jean de Montagu, the superintendant of Finances of King of France Charles VI, at the beginning of the 15th century. It was built on a quadrangular base, flanked by round towers. This was the standard model for a castle at that time, which based itself on the Louvre and the former fortress of the Bastille. Near the northern postern gate, one could see a two-storey chapel, which door was carved with statues of Jean de Montagu and his wife on each side and, underneath it, a bas-relief showing the master of the house worshipping God. King Charles VI’s statue was set above the main entrance. All the castle was protected by large and deep ditches, which could only be crossed by walking on drawbridges, located in the northern and southern facades. Incredibly rich in history, this castle was demolished after the French Revolution by its new owner. Nowadays, the only remaining parts of the past are a chapel, a tower and the ramparts. This castle is located in the domain of the Fondation des Apprentis d’Auteuil, which hosts young people who wish to work in the field of landscape design and horticulture.


Marcoussis is located in the department of Essonne. Neighbouring cities are Massy (9km) and Versailles (20km).


Účastnický poplatek organizaci REMPART: 30€.


The project will consist of two parts: a practical working part and a cultural and study part. The ERASMUS+ exchange aims at strengthening some parts of the eastern counterscarp and restoring potteries, as well as cleaning the site (cleaning the ramparts, stone clearing operations...). Surveys on built heritage and initiation to stone cutting could be also organized. Working sessions last about 3 or 4 hours and the rest of the day is dedicated to visiting other cultural sites of the surroundings of Marcoussis or debating about European cultural heritage. Volunteers coming from the AHM will join the work camp from time to time, so please feel free to interact with them ! Leisure activities : Group excursions as well as cultural and sport activities are scheduled during resting time. If you wish to organise something particular with the volonteers, please feel free to do so ! Staff members and project leaders will be happy to help you in making this work camp yours. However, the lack of transport means makes it difficult to reach Paris on individual basis.


Individual rooms with beds, sheets and blankets are at your disposal. A living room, a shared kitchen, bathrooms and showers are available as well. Food: The meals will be prepared together, which means that volunteers are expected to help with the cooking and domestic chores on a rotation basis. However, it would be very appreciated if you could bring typical recipes from your country to introduce the other volunteers to the preparation of food from all over Europe !



Jedná se o skupinový workcamp - účastníky budou dobrovolníci z České republiky, Francie a Polska. Z každé země přijede max. 6 dobrovolníků a jeden vedoucí skupiny. Na základě dodání jízdenek bude po ukončení projektu dobrovolníkům proplacena část cestovného do maximální výše 275 €. Registrační poplatek INEXu je u tohoto projektu snížen o 550Kč.

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