International Summer in Stolmir

21. června 2019 - 14. července 2019 (24 dnů)

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Kód projektu: SDA 101a
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The workcamp is held in a small village Stolmir in cooperation with a non-profit organization Mamaloca who works for the community, without prejudices, and in a harmony with the nature. The organization devotes itself to education, supporting the community and the culture life not only in Stolmir. They organize IT clubs for elderly, children groups and suburban camps. They try to save the local Saint Havel s church, organize concerts, theatre performances and festivals. Every month, they open a big traditional oven for public which can be used for baking homemade bread. The aim of this workcamp is to help to renovate St. Havel s church, create some outdoor furniture in the village and help with the artistic suburban camp for children.


Stolmir (101 houses). It is about 1 km from the town of Cesky Brod which is about 10-15 minutes on foot. In the village, there is a public football pitch and a pond. Prague is about 35 minutes far by train from Cesky Brod. Meeting point: Stolmir. The meeting time is usually in the afternoon. Please note it takes about 35 minutes to get there from Prague. The exact info will be provided in the infosheet. Leisure time: A bike trip in the surroundings, a trip to Prague, hiking, swimming in the Chrasnice quarry, projection of movies. In the accommodation, there is a piano and a projector.


We are excited to meet passionate volunteers. We welcome your own initiative, creativity and artistic skills. No alcohol is allowed during work and around children.


You will engage in different types of activities: a) preparing a small festival (22.6.); b) work in the area of the church (removing invasive plants, cleaning gravestones, cleaning attics, building scaffolding etc.); b) creating and installing the public components of outdoor furniture in the village e.g. outdoor bowling, painting the trash containers, creating a barefoot path and flowerbeds etc. Some of the public space improvements will be done together with children from a summer camp which will take place in the hosting organization from 8th to 12th July. Study part: A visit to a blacksmith workshop, an excursion to a brewery, baking bread, involving in a ceramic s shop, many manual activities, getting to know the host organization and its activities, a guided visit of the St. Havel s Church.


In the building of the hosting organization. There is a large attic with a small kitchen and a bathroom. Toilets are on the ground-floor. The facilities include a workshop and a big garden. You will sleep on mattresses, but you need to bring your own sleeping bag. There is a possibility of sleeping in tents or yurts in the garden. In the garden, there is a place for campfire and a summerhouse for evenings. During the children camp, meals will be provided by the organizers. In the remaining days, you will prepare breakfast and dinner together as a group, home-made lunch will be provided by hosting organization. You can see the photos of Mamaloca here:



Dates of your arrival are flexible, but it is necessary to join the workcamp latest on 28th June. During the first week, you will prepare a local festival (22.6.) and you will also work in the area of the church. Please write the date of your arrival in your application. Warning for people with allergies: in the surroundings of the organization, there are cats, dogs, horses, and cows. Please note that SDA 101a and 101b are the same workcamp, divided according to the topic and related tasks. Altogether there will be 10 volunteers.

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