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Projects abroad

  • 2.000 workcamps abroad
  • 70 countries around the world
  • 750 volunteers yearly
  • 30 workcamps in CR
  • 60 campleaders
  • Club of Volunteers
INEX - Association for Voluntary Activities - is an NGO founded in 1991 whose primary activities are centred around the area of international voluntary work. Our main objective is to enable people to help where their help is most needed. At the same time our aim is to make this contribution beneficial also for the volunteers in terms of obtaining new life and work experience which they can later on use in their careers.
Cerna zuzana fotografie
'Best holidays :).'
Zuzana, 25
%c5%a0a%c5%a1urov%c3%a1 nikola
'3 months in Nigeria changed my life.'
Nikol, 21
Tembo b%c3%a1ra
'I fell in love with Mozambique.'
Bára, 36