Workcamps in CZ

Are you intrigued to volunteer in the Czech Republic? You can organize, lead or simply participate at the workcamp in the Czech Republic.

What is workcamp?

Workcamp is a 3-day to 3-week volunteer project where a group of volunteers work together, spend free time, explore the area and locals. The group works approximately 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. The work usually does not require special qualifications or previous experience and is unpaid. The most important is your motivation:)

Workcamp themes

Workcamps are based on the needs of a given locality and are always created in cooperation with INEX and local partners. The projects include not only volunteer work, but also joint activities of volunteers and the local communities. Workcamps also offer the opportunity to learn about the project topic, get to know the region and get acquainted with a particular non-profit organization or municipality and its activities. We mainly support projects focused on community development, restoration of historical landmarks, social projects and environmental projects.

Help the Community

Volunteers support local municipalities and non-governmental organizations by helping with renovation of public spaces, organization of local festivals or children’s days, or restoration of local landmarks. They work both in small villages and in larger cities. The projects create many opportunities for volunteers and local people to meet and are focused on the sustainable development of the municipalities and the surrounding countryside.

Help the Landmarks

The projects focus mainly on the preservation and renovation of historically significant objects such as castles, historical cemeteries, churches and other monuments. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn about the general topic of landmark conservation and about the history of a particular landmark. Through practical work awareness for the importance of preserving historically and culturally important sites is raised. 

Help the People

The volunteers support various social projects which offer help to people facing social exclusion, children and youth, the elderly, people with special needs and others. According to the needs of the local partner, the volunteers do manual work (e.g. renovation, maintenance, construction work) or work directly with the projects’ clients. These projects provide insight into the operation of social services in the Czech Republic.

Help the Nature

The projects aim at environmental protection and education towards an environment-friendly lifestyle. The volunteers will do practical environmental work in natural preserves, forests and other environmentally important areas. Most of work takes place outdoors and can include planting trees, scything protected meadows or reviving springs etc.

Accomodation and food

Accommodation and food are provided by the host organization. Sometimes volunteers help with cooking or cook together as a group. Accommodation is usually modest, in the premises of a local organization, local school, gym, culture house, scout clubhouse, in hostels or tents. In some cases, you need to bring your own sleeping bag and mat.

Leisure activities

Workcamps offer space for joint entertainment, visits to interesting places in the area and cultural activities with other volunteers or locals. Suggestions for the leisure program can be made by a local partner or leader, but don’t hesitate to come up with your own ideas.

Who is workcamp for?

We believe that everyone can participate. Volunteers are expected to be actively involved in all parts of the volunteer project – work, leisure activities, cooking, etc. and thus become part of the group. Flexibility and willingness to adapt to the local environment and conditions are important. The only requirement is that you are currently living in the Czech Republic.


Most often at the workcamp you will meet volunteers between 18-26 years. However, more and more often, younger and older applicants also often join the projects. They allow for exchanges across generations, which can be a very interesting experience for all participants.

18+ most workcamps are open from the age of 18 and the maximum age is not specified unless stated otherwise in the project description

-18 projects can only be for minors (so-called TEEN workcamps 15-17), or for a wider age group including minors (17+). To participate in these workcamps, the volunteer must send the consent of the parent or guardian. We also organize family workcamps for families with children (see specialized projects below).

REGISTRATION TIP: You can register as a minor at the adult workcamp if you will turn 18 at the time of the workcamp.


Workcamps in the Czech Republic are typically in English, but this year the workcamps will be bilingual – in Czech and English. It is not necessary to speak English or Czech fluently at all, but not to be afraid to communicate. Workcamp is a great opportunity to improve your language skills. Campleaders are ready to translate from Czech into English and vice versa, so you don’t have to worry about not understanding someone.

Financial costs

Registration fee

Processing of the workcamp application is conditioned by the payment of a registration fee. We cannot process the application until we receive a fee for it.

When paying the registration fee you have a choice of three prices.

Solidarity: 2200 CZK – this price usually applies to foreign workcamps. By paying for the Czech workcamp you will cover the basic organization and administration of the workcamp and help us survive the difficult season in which we cannot send volunteers and volunteers abroad. Thank you

Basic: 1500 CZK – covers basic organization and administration of projects.

Necessary: ​​1000 CZK – the minimum, without which we really can’t organize your chosen workcamp. 500 CZK is the minimum for workcamps with duration of less than 7 days.

The choice of price is up to you and your current financial possibilities 🙂

TEEN workcamp in the Czech Republic: 4300 CZK (2800 CZK participation fee covering a part of the costs of free time, accommodation/food, main campleader + 1500 CZK registration fee).

FAMILY workcamps: Family Workcamp at Eco Centre Horni Marsov: adults – 4700 CZK (3200 CZK participation fee covering a part of the costs of accommodation/food, free time + 1500 CZK registration fee), children – 1800 CZK participation fee (no registration fee). Back to Nature Family workcamp: adults – 2300 CZK (800 CZK participation fee covering a part of the costs of accommodation/food, free time + 1500 CZK registration fee), children – 400 CZK participation fee (no registration fee).

Method of payment

You can pay the registration fee through a payment gateway or bank transfer. Detailed information will be sent to you in the confirmation email. The fee is valid within one calendar year.

Cancelation policy

When you are accepted for the project, your local partner counts on your participation. However, if for any reason you have to cancel your participation in the workcamp, we will refund your part of the registration fee. The application is subject to cancelation fees specified in the conditions of participation. If you will not be able to go to the workcamp for health reasons, we will agree on the procedure individually.


INEX provides basic liability insurance for the project participants above 15 years old, covering the costs of damages up to about 75000 CZK. INEX-SDA does not provide any health insurance for the workcamp participants. Volunteers cannot stay at the workcamp without this insurance. Volunteers need to bring all the necessary documents along with them.

Additional costs

You pay for transport yourself. It is up to you to set up your travels, but we can help you with everything if necessary.

TRAVEL TIP: You can use the services of the transport company FlixBus, which provides our volunteers with a 15% discount on the trip to and from the workcamp. You will receive more information in the confirmation email.

How to apply?

Choose 1 – 3 workcamps from the database and sort them according to your preference. Fill out the application and submit it. You will receive an automatic email with further instructions shortly afterwards. After we receive the registration fee and the necessary documents from you (a motivation letter is required for some workcamps), we will start arranging your application. We will apply for the second or third place project only if you are not accepted for the first. The application takes 1 to 3 days to process. We will inform you about the result by email. You will receive detailed information about the workcamp for which you will be accepted at least one month before the project in the form of an infosheet.

Our workcamps are led by one or two campleaders who coordinate the group. They work with local partners and facilitate group decision-making. The campleaders are required to attend intensive three-day training specially designed for their needs and also attend basic first aid training. If you have already been to a workcamp, consider leading a workcamp. It will intensify your workcamp experience even more and you will improve in leadership. Another way to join a workcamp initiative is to organize workcamp yourself and become our local partner.

Specialized workcamps


Family workcamps can be attended by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other relatives with children. The accepted age of the children is given in the project description. At the workcamp, children are involved in work activities to a reasonable extent and in a suitable playful way. Other aspects are as at regular workcamps- the group lives, works and eats together. For children at family workcamps, only the accommodation and food fee is paid, the INEX registration fee is not paid. Workcamp descriptions appear in the search when you select the “family” filter.

People with special needs

We believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to participate in volunteer projects, get to know and learn about them. Are you a volunteer with specific needs, disability, fewer opportunities or other kind of disadvantage, or an organization that works with these groups? Contact us at or by phone at +420 604 269 685 before registering for a project for consultation and selection of a suitable project. If necessary, we provide support in the selection of the project, we take care of all preparation for participation and planning the trip. In some cases, we can provide at least partial financial coverage. Read more about the Volunteering for All program.


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