Volunteering for All

A program known as "inclusive volunteering" that everybody can join in, with or without handicap.

To participate in a volunteer program, be it in Czech Republic or abroad, is a challenge, even more so in the case of disadvantaged young people.

Under the auspices of the campaign Volunteering for All (Dobrovolnictví pro všechny), INEX searches suitable projects for interested candidates and provides mentoring, as well as organizational and financial support. Moreover, Volunteering for All collaborates with non-profit organizations, which work with disabled young people, youth from orphanages, and socially disadvantaged or unemployed young people.

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Are you interested in volunteering? Are you a non-profit organization working with disadvantaged young people?
Write us at info@inexsda.cz and find out what kinds of volunteer projects are available and what kind of support we provide.
Financial support for the 2015 campaign is provided by the Orlický family.