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Volunteering for All

A program known as "inclusive volunteering" that everybody can join in, with or without handicap.

What is volunteering for all?

Volunteering for All is a program of so called inclusive volunteering allowing all people to participate regardless of their disadvantages. People who are interested have the possibility of becoming a volunteer, either in the Czech Republic or abroad and discover different cultures, meet new friends, get new experiences or improve in foreign languages. A participation at international workcamp can be a strong experience leading to a further self-development and determining life direction in the future. For people who have to deal with some kind of disabilities in their daily lives, it can also mean getting an independence step by step, becoming confident, receiving a sense of equality or building a mutual respect. Thus, volunteering has the potential to prevent social exclusion and stereotypical thinking in society.

The program creates opportunities and provides concrete and practical support to all those interested in volunteering experience who welcome it. Inclusive volunteering involves people with disabilities, from children’s homes or disadvantaged backgrounds, long-term unemployed, etc.

We all have abilities and skills that are beneficial to our society. However, they bring value only when they are used. Only then we gain a sense of respect, meaningful life and belonging. We create a culture of respect.

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Alena Cabalka
+420 731 163 670

INEX Club: Sustainable travel workshop, 5.6.

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