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Information for Participants

Journey to international volunteering can be easier than previously thought.

What is Volunteering for All?

Volunteering for all is a program of so called inclusive volunteering allowing all people to participate regardless of their disadvantages. People who are interested have the possibility of becoming a volunteer, either in the Czech Republic or abroad and discover different cultures, meet new friends, get new experiences or improve in foreign languages.

What is workcamp?

Workcamp is a 2-3 weeks lasting voluntary project where a group of people from all over the world work together and spend their free time together. It is a unique opportunity how to meet new people and their culture, support publicly beneficial project and learn new things and meet interesting people. On the workcamp, a volunteer also discovers the surroundings, local people and other volunteers. The work usually last 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. There is no need for special qualification, neither any previous experiences, the most important is your motivation. The voluntary work is non-paid.

Workcamp specialization

The specialization of workcamps are varied. Popular ones are construction or renovation type of work. If you are interested more in social topics, you can find workcamps which are focused on work with children, seniors or people with disabilities. There is also a number of projects in nature and on eco-farms, as well as cultural workcamps where you can organize a music festival.

Why to become a volunteer?

Volunteering gives you a great way to learn by experience. It is a practical and natural way of developing social competences. Thanks to a workcamp, you can become independent and get to know yourself better. Experience from a volunteer project strengthens physical, emotional and mental health and leads to an increase in the quality of life. If you go out into the world, you can practice in a foreign language and make friends from all over the world. In addition, it is a new and enriching experience that will change your view of the world. You will try a lot of new things and activities that are not only fun but can be useful in your life. And you do something good for local people, monuments or nature. When you overcome an obstacles and decide to volunteer and help others, you gain respect among friends, at school or in a new job.

Who is Volunteering for All for?

For all who are willing to participate in all parts of the workcamp – work, leisure activities, cooking, etc. It is customary for the group to spend their free time together. Flexibility and the will to adapt to the local environment, culture and conditions are important for the smooth running of the workcamp. Communicative knowledge of English is an advantage, but certainly not a condition for participation. The projects are open to all people over 18 years of age (exceptions are possible).

Users of services of theses following organizations went with us:

Rytmus – od klienta k občanovi, o.p.s.
Člověk v tísni Ústí nad Labem – Nízkoprahový klub Mixer
Lata – programy pro mládež a rodinu, z.ú.
IQ Roma servis, z.s. | Pro důstojné uplatnění Romů
Spolek Opři se

However, we also support volunteers, who do not come to us through any organizations. So far, volunteers with disabilities, visually and hearing impaired, autism, and a mental disorder, or in a wheelchair volunteered with us. Volunteers who would not otherwise be able to go to the workcamp for their unique socio-economic status used our project too. Our projects are open to everyone!

Financial costs

Volunteers normally pay INEX registration fee (500 – 2500 CZK), transport, health insurance and liability insurance (200 – 300 CZK). Volunteers in a Volunteering for all program can receive a discount or cancellation of the registration fee, go to low-cost workcamps (in the Czech Republic or neighboring countries) and receive a contribution for transport, insurance and pocket money (only for projects with financial support). Contact us for more information.

How to apply?

  1. Think about what you enjoy and where you want to go to the workcamp.
  2. Get in touch with INEX to discuss your idea of ​​a volunteer project.
  3. You fill in the application form and INEX will send it to a selected organization abroad.
  4. After confirming your participation, we will help you arrange transport and insurance.
  5. You get instructions like what to take with you and you can start packing.
  6. INEX will be in contact with you and can support you during your workcamp.


Alena Cabalka
+420 731 163 670

BBQ event in Prague, 23.5.

BBQ event is for the INEX team, the interns, active volunteers, those who volunteered a while back , but also those of you who are just thinking about volunteering. Learn about the possibility to lead a workcamp in Czechia, ask previous campleaders about their experience and see how you could be a part of it. We are looking forward to see you there.