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Help us to save workcamps

Coronavirus gave us a difficult challenge but our Blue hearts of INEX do not give up. Even though the workcamps will not have the same international dimension and are only going to be open for Czech volunteers we are fully determined to save the workcamps’ season.

We believe that local volunteers are going to be more important this year than ever before. Therefore, we are going to organise as many Czech workcamps as possible and in case of necessity, we are ready to increase their amount. 

However, to make it happen, we must overcome a hole of missing income from registration fees of foreign workcamps.  This we cannot make without you. Annually, about 450 volunteers travel to international workcamp with us. If travelling abroad will be restricted throughout the summer, we estimate our loss at almost CZK 1,000,000. These funds are used for paying for the office management, salaries of employees, training courses for volunteers, the website and the database, as well as for the fees of membership in international networks.

This is why we would like to ask you for the support by a financial contribution. We believe that with your help we can overcome this difficult period and we will be able to send our volunteers to the distant world again.

How your contribution will help:

  • 300 CZK covers one-tenth of the cost of logistical preparation at training for workcamps´ leaders
  • 500 CZK covers one-tenth of the cost of individual preparation for a new local partner (local community, a non-profit organization, mayors)
  • 1000 CZK covers one-tenth of the cost of preparation of one Czech workcamp

ANOTHER wayS HOW to support us :

  • Regular financial support in the form of a standing order (CZK 150 per month or more)
  • One-time cash donation to a specific project or activity
  • Making a donation in the form of service

Donors receive a regular email newsletter mapping our activities and have the opportunity to participate in the INEX events.
Remember you can reduce your taxes with the donated amount, please fill out the request to issue a gift certificate.

Please send donations to the bank account of INEX-SDA: 2100114178/2010 Fio banka, Prague 1, var . symbol 1234, the message to the recipient: name – surname – text: supporter

Questions can be answered on

Thank you for your support!

What's next? Join us at After-arrival meeting, 27.-29.9.

Are you going to a workcamp this year or will you even lead one? Don't forget to sign up for a weekend meeting and have a great weekend that will put a beautiful finishing touch on your volunteer experience this year.