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We organize several trainings and further educational events for volunteers throughout the whole year – join us!

Training of trainers

International training course aimed at improving training skills within informal education. The training is great for workcamp leaders, trainers – beginners or other youth leaders.

Personal development trainings

The personal development training is created in cooperation with three volunteering organizations from Hungary, the Czech Republic and France. The training represents a safe space for volunteers and future youth leaders to learn about themselves, their attitudes and beliefs, their communications styles, leadership skills and inner motivations. At the core of our training lie the principles of self-reflection and self-awareness.

Global Volunteering Cycle

Are you interested in international volunteering? Are you thinking about signing up for a project abroad outside of Europe and want to know more about how to volunteer in this way? Look at the Global Volunteering Cycle.

Campleaders training cycle

Do you already know something about workcamps but want to learn more? Do you want to gain experience in working with a group of volunteers from all around the world? Become a workcamp leader and get involved in our Training for Campleaders!

Our Educational Vision

We understand volunteering as an opportunity to actively engage ourselves in a civil society. Volunteering is also a means of informal education and personal development as the participants of our programmes and educational activities lead volunteers to active citizenship, which consists of three corner-stones:

Global Development Education creates a space where young people can find out more about the global issues and may contemplate about issues related to the interconnectedness of today’s world.

Intercultural learning contributes to an awareness of their own identity and view of the world, thus enhancing understanding of cultural differences and respecting other opinions and values.

LOCAL COMMUNITY PROJECTS activate societies in any given locations. Therefore, they provide opportunities for participation. In addition, they strengthen organizational skills of young people, and reinforce the idea that a change for the better is possible.

INEX Club: Sustainable travel workshop, 5.6.

Do you want to discover the world, but not like a typical tourist? Come and find out how to travel sustainably, with respect for nature, local people and cultures. 🌱🌍