Agents of Change

Agents of Change is a project consisted of two international training courses. Within this project, we try to elaborate a new approach to train the youth leaders of the volunteering projects. The trainings will combine the features and approach of the personal development trainings (as you perhaps know them from Olde Vechte Foundation) and practical topics useful when leading groups of participants. The project is supported by the programme Erasmus +.

The main objectives

  • To reflect the role of leadership and explore participants’ own attitudes, approach and inner motivation of their work with volunteering.
  • To improve and boost the practical skills (especially coaching and mentoring) of the participants for working with groups and projects in volunteering.
  • To put participants’ experience into practice and multiply among their colleagues and target groups.

Project is for the participants, who

  • Are planning to lead a workcamp and ideally have been to or are planning to go to regular workcamp leaders trainings
  • Have participated at least 1 workcamp as participants, previous experiences with leading a workcamp are welcome, but not required
  • Are at least 18 years old and can communicate in English
  • Are able to participate fully at the programme from the beginning till the end

Overview of the activities

  • 1st training course – 28th April – 8th May (incl. travel days) in Creative Space, Hollökö, Hungary, main practical topic will be how to use tools of coaching and mentoring to support group of participants e.g. at workcamp.
  • 2nd training course – 29th September – 9th October (incl. travel days) in the Czech Republic (venue to be confirmed), this time we will practically focus on project management.


The training is coordinated by: INEX-SDA, Czech Republic

Other partner organizations

  • Egyesek, Hungary
  • De Amicitia, Spain
  • Associazione per la Formazione, gli Scambi e le Attivita Interculturali (AFSAI), Italy
  • Association Center for Intercultural Dialogue – Kumanovo, Macedonia
  • Internationale Begegnung in Gemenischaftsdiensten (IBG), Germany
  • MTÜ Noortevahetuse Arengu Ühing Estyes, Estonia
  • Zavod Voluntariat, Slovenia
  • Solidarités Jeunesses and Etudes et Chantiers Espace Central (ECEC), France
  • XCHANGE Scotland and International Voluntary Service, UK


Veronika Marková