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Workcamps Abroad

Go volunteering for week, two or three into one of the 50 countries. Experience one of the 1500 projects of various topics.

IMPORTANT: INEX can only send Czech citizens or residents of the Czech Republic to voluntary projects abroad.

If you have a different nationality, you do not have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic or you do not live here for at least one year, find a sending organisation in your country of origin.

You can search for your sending organisation at networks of our partner organisations:
Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations
Service Civil International

If you are a foreigner and you do have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic, but you do not speak Czech, please contact us at

What is a workcamp?

Workcamp is one to maximum of three-week long voluntary project where a group of volunteers from all over the world work and spend free time together. The group usually works for 6 hours, 5 days a week. The work does not require specific skills or previous experience and is unpaid. The thing that matters the most is your own motivation.


We work together with more than 100 associated organizations from all over the world and that gives you the opportunity to participate at workcamp in one of the 50 countries of the world. There is an annual meeting where we meet with our associates and we continue the partnership only with organizations that are providing meaningful workcamps. Our database offers workcamps in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Workcamp themes

You can find over 20 types/themes of workcamps. Many workcamps are oriented on construction work or renovation but If you’re more interested in social work you can work with children, elders or people with disabilities. You can also work at an eco-farm or organize a music festival.


After working hours there is a plenty of time for visiting interesting places, cultural activities and other collective activities with the rest of the volunteers or locals. Local partners often suggest activities. If you have any ideas how to spend your time with your friends after work, there is an open space for suggestions.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation and food are provided by the hosting organization. The volunteers can help with the cooking or the dish is made together by the volunteers. The accommodation is usually not very luxurious and volunteers sleep in school, tents or gyms. In some case it is good to bring your own sleeping bag and groundsheet and in other case you will be accommodated with host family.

Why to go on a workcamp?

There is plenty of reasons to go to a workcamp. One of them can be your own independence or maybe you want to gain new experience. You can improve your English or even communication with others, team work and organizing. You will make new friends from all around the world and voluntourism is considered a low-cost traveling. And the keynote of workcamps is helping where they need it.

Who can go?

We believe that everyone can go to a workcamp. But it is expected that you participate in all parts of workcamp – work, leisure, cooking etc. and you will become a part of the group. You should be flexible and be able to adjust to local culture.


Most volunteers are between the age of 18-26 years. But it is more and more popular for younger and older participants to go to workcamps.

  • 18+ Majority of workcamps is for volunteers who are 18 and older.
  • -18 If you are under the age of 18 you can participate at TEEN workcamps (14-17 years old) or at workcamps for youth (16 – 26). To participate we will need you to send us a consent of your parents or legal guardian.


For majority of workcamps you will need at least basics of English. The most important thing is to participate and not to be afraid to talk with others and workcamp is great opportunity to learn that. You don’t need any certificate or diploma of your language skills. If more advanced language level or other language than English is needed, you will find it in a description of every project.


Registration fee

To process your application you need to pay registration fee. If we don’t receive your payment we cannot process your application.

  • Registration fee for first project: 2 500 CZK
  • Every other project in same year 1 250 CZK
  • Countries that require Global Volunteering Cycle
    South and Central America, Africa, Asia (without Japan, South Korea, Russia and Turkey) incl. Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Jordan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Marocco, Mongolia, Taiwan, Ukraine
    When volunteering in those countries, you have to participate at a pre-departure meeting.

The payment

You can pay by through a payment gate at the end of the registration process. All the information will be in confirmation e-mail. The registration fee is valid till the end of a calendar year.

Cancellation fee

The hosting organization relies on your participation if you are accepted to the project. If there is any reason you can’t go and join the project we will return part of your registration fee. Your application is affected by cancellation fee that is written in the terms of your participation (only in Czech). If the reasons you can’t go to the workcamp are medical we will make individual agreement.

Other expenses

Some of the hosting organizations can have participation fee that helps them finance accommodation and food for volunteers. All of these fees are always listed in description of each project.

Take into account other travel costs visa, travel insurance, transport to the destination and all the needed vaccinations. Arrangement of all those things is your responsibility but we can help you with everything if needed.

Choosing a workcamp

How to choose?

Our database offers more than 1500 workcamps in 50 countries around the world. You can look them up by the date, the destination or focuses. It depends on what is most important to you, whether what you will do or where you will do it. When you think about choosing a workcamp you might want to think about what it will cost. If you choose a workcamp in Germany without participation fee to hosting organization, the whole project can cost about 5 000 CZK. If you wish to travel further, explore our database in all corners of the world from Tanzania, To Nepal or Brazil.

How to apply?

Choose up to 3 workcamps and line them up by your preference. Then you need to fill out the application and send it to us. After that you will get an e-mail with payment information and next steps. When we get your registration fee and all the needed documents, we will send your application to the hosting organization which will decide about your acceptance.
If you’re not accepted to the first chosen project, we will send your application to your second or third choice. The processing of your application takes 1 – 20 days, it all depends on the hosting organization. We will inform you about the results via e-mail. Instructions about your workcamp will be sent to you at least a month before you go. If you are not accepted to any of your chosen projects, you can choose new ones or we will return your fee without 500 CZK, which is the processing fee. That is quite unlikely though.

Specialized projects

Group Projects

These specialized projects are two or three-week long and are made specially for group of Czech volunteers that want to work abroad or in the Czech Republic together. If you have friends, classmates or coworkers you would like to work with and gain new experience, group projects are for you.


Family-friendly workcamps are made for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other members of your family with kids. The appropriate age of children is always listed in description of each project. Children participate at work with playful and responsible attitude. Accommodation, work and food is provided in a same way as regular workcamp and the whole group lives, eats and works together. Last year we held projects in Turkey, Estonia or France. Every participator needs to pay registration fee except the children. If you want to join family workcamp, choose the filter “family” in our database.

Participants with special needs

We believe that everyone can go to a workcamp, learn and evolve. If you are volunteer with specific needs or if you are an organization working with these groups, contact us here: or +420 222 362 713 before sending your application, so we can choose the right project for you. In some case we can provide at least small financial aid. Find out more about the program Volunteering for All.

Long-term projects

If you think workcamps are too short for you or you don’t like any project from the database, you can participate in long-term project. Long-term projects are usually about individual work and not about working in group. You can go for month or for the whole year and make your volunteering more efficient.


Alena Cabalka
+420 731 163 670

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