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Group Projects

A group voluntary project is a 2-3 weeks long project enabling a group of friends, classmates or colleagues volunteer together. Do you want to gain new experience and discover the Czech culture while supporting a local community? Come to volunteer with us!

What is a workcamp

Throughout the world, workcamps are a widespread means of supporting non-profit organizations, communities and municipalities. Every year, over 2,000 workcamps take
place in 70 countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa. The first workcamp took place in 1920 in France, near Verdun. Its purpose was to strengthen the international peace and solidarity.
Workcamps today still carry these basic ideas and they are gradually extended to other current topics, such as the active citizenship and sustainable development.

Group projects are suitable for those, who

  • are over 16 years old
  • are interested in voluntary experience in group rather than individually
  • are committed to participating actively throughout the project
  • can devote the necessary time to pre-departure training and debriefing
  • can communicate at least at a basic level of English
  • other specific conditions are given by the type of project and its host organization

Who is involved in the workcamp


You with a bunch of your friends, classmates or colleagues who decide together for a volunteer experience

Group Leader

The group is accompanied by at least 1 Group Leader (depends on the size of the team) who has the role of coordinator and is main contact person for INEX and the hosting organization. Group leaders are 18 years old or older. They have previous experience with a group coordination or participation in an international project. They are responsible for coordinating the group, providing necessary documents for the project realization (application forms from participants, insurance agreements etc), manages photo and video documentation from the project, supports the final evaluation of the project from all participants etc.

Host organization

It is a non-profit organization, municipality or public-benefit corporation hosting your group. The organization is responsible for the work activities during the workcamp. It provides the accommodation and food and the transportation to the work location if needed and can be involved in arranging the free time activities for the volunteers.


INEX coordinates the development of the workcamp and cooperation with the host organization. The organization also supports the group of volunteers and the host during all the phases of the workcamp, during preparation, the workcamp itself and during evaluation.

Cost of the project

  • INEX coordination fee-based on the size of the group and specific project requirements
  • Participation fee of the host organization – based on the individual project cost
  • Transportation
  • Insurance (medical insurance and third party liability insurance)
  • Visas – if needed
  • Pocket money

How to apply

For the placement to the workcamps you need to apply through a sending organisation in your country. INEX can only send Czech citizens or residents of the Czech Republic to voluntary projects.

If you have your idea of volunteering experience, you can contact us and we may design the project together.


Alena Cabalka
+420 731 163 670