European Solidarity Corps

Go abroad for 2-12 months to an NGO or a government based organization.

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) offers you the opportunity to spend 2-12 months abroad working as a volunteer in a non-profit or in a state organization. You can participate if you are 17-30 years old, if you have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic or in a partnership country (countries of EU, Norway, Iceland, countries of south-eastern Europe) and if you are interested in environmental protection, working with youth, social integration, art, culture and cultural heritage, leisure time activities, sports and others. The European Voluntary Service is funded by the grant program EU Youth in Action – Erasmus+.

INEX has been a sending, hosting and coordinating organization of the European Voluntary Service since 2001. Because of our experience we have successfully sent more than 150 volunteers abroad and hosted more than 20 volunteers. If you want to be part of the EVS too, read how to do it and contact our coordinator.

Basic Information

Key conditions for acceptance to EVS: age 17-30 years, permanent residence in the Czech Republic, availability for 2-12 months, basic level of English.
Projects types: Working with youth (leisure time clubs, nurseries, supporting centers), environmental protection, development aid or theatre. Hosting organizations are mostly non-profits or DDM organizations (Children and Youth) and etc.

Locality: All European countries and Norway, Turkey, Russia, Caucasus, Macedonia etc.

Requiretments: Knowledge of the language of the hosting country or perfect knowledge of English is not necessary. You should be able to communicate in basic level of English or in the language of the hosting country. EVS projects offer the possibility to learn new things and to develope new skills. EVS should be neither routine nor extremely responsible.

Costs: There is a benefit from a grant to cover travel expenses to the place where the project takes place and back home, accomodation, food, pocket money, language course and health insurance.

How to participate in EVS with INEX

INEX-SDA will be your sending organization. We will help you with the preparation process and we will stay in touch with you during your stay abroad.

BUT if you live abroad you can be our EVS IN – actualy we are looking for volunteer for project Football for Development

  • Think about your motivations. Why do you want to work as a volunteer and in which area? What do you like to do? What are your interests? Where would you like to go?
  • Find interesting projects and hosting organizations on our website in the section CURRENTLY AVAILABLE EVS POSITIONS or in EVS DATABASE OF ALL PROJECTS (you can search according the country or the theme).
  • Reply to chosen projects (contact more organizations, as not everyone will reply; you can call as well). If you are looking in the database, ask as soon as possible for the availability of the project for the period which suits you the most; the database does not give you this information).
  • Write a motivation letter and send it to the hosting organization together with your CV.
  • Fill in all the necessary application forms.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us soon as you are accepted by your hosting organization or in case you have any kind of problem.
  • If you do not succeed in finding a suitable project on our webside, you can look on the webside Youthnetworks, where hosting organizations offer their free places.

How to submit an application

INEX-SDA submits your application for a grant to national agency together with you. Deadlines for submissions take place free times per year (2. 4., 26. 4., 1. 10.). If your application is accepted, your project can start 3 months after the closing date. For example: if we submit the application prior to 26. 4., you can start working on your project on 1. 8.

What happens after the authorization of the project

INEX will invite you to an interesting pre-departure training based on an informal educational method (no lessons, powerpoints etc.), you can discuss the project with other volunteers and with people who have already participated in an EVS project. Our instructors are former volunteers, therefore you will get to know everything that you need to know before your departure.


Alena Cabalka
+420 731 163 670

Working days: Monday – Thursday
Consultation hours: Tuesday 14:00-16:00


Leaders of Change

Work on your leadership skills via self-reflection on a 9 day long training in Hollókő, Hungary. Deadline 15. October