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Are you an organization supporting people with disabilities or social disadvantages?

What is Volunteering for All?

Volunteering for all responds to the lack of opportunities and low public awareness of the options and benefits that volunteering brings to people with disabilities. Anyone can participate in so called inclusive volunteering, with or without disadvantages.

For people with disabilities, volunteering can provide a natural and practical way of developing social competences. It also helps them to increase their motivation, self-confidence and independence. Through work experience, the program strengthens physical, emotional and mental health and thereby continuously improves the quality of life. By actively participating in the life of the community and society, people with disabilities contribute to the destigmatization of disability or disadvantage, mutual enrichment and development of tolerance of the majority society.

What do our cooperating organizations do?

Our employees in the Volunteering for all program are organizations and institutions that support people with disadvantages or disabilities, from children’s homes, the long-term unemployed, etc., and are interested in enriching their services or activities with volunteering. Your organization joining the program brings the opportunity to expand the range of services and activities. It is another tool in individual work with the client. Volunteering also improves PR organizations and is an opportunity for fundraising.

We are currently working with the following organizations:

How does sending the volunteers work?

Participants of the Volunteering for All program are involved in international volunteering and educational projects, especially in workcamps. Most projects take place every year from June to September. We offer over 2000 projects around the world, of which we try to pre-select one that most suits the idea and possibilities of the volunteer. Meaningful participation in an appropriate environment is our priority. The candidate then chooses from the offers. Either he/she finds a workcamp among special projects or he/she can choose from a complete database of workcamps and we will find out how to adapt the project to the needs of the volunteer.

We provide volunteers with support for project selection, preparation for pre-departure meetings, organization of transport, insurance and other practical matters prior to departure, including accompanying to the airport or train station if needed. We then keep in touch with the volunteers throughout the project and, after returning, support them to participate in other INEX meetings and events where they can socialize with other volunteers and have the opportunity to present their own experiences. INEX may also provide a financial contribution, depending on the type of project, the age of the volunteer, etc.

How to participate?

We will be more than happy to welcome you on a personal meeting in our office or we will organize a presentation about voluntary opportunities in your organization.

Every year, we organize many events for the public, including meetings for individuals and organizations where you are also welcomed.

For more information, please contact the Volunteering for All project coordinator.


Alena Cabalka
+420 731 163 670

INEX address
Varšavská 30, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady

BBQ event in Prague, 23.5.

BBQ event is for the INEX team, the interns, active volunteers, those who volunteered a while back , but also those of you who are just thinking about volunteering. Learn about the possibility to lead a workcamp in Czechia, ask previous campleaders about their experience and see how you could be a part of it. We are looking forward to see you there.