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Organize workcamp

Are you and NGO, a municipality or just an enthusiast? Do you have a non-profit project or an idea for it? Organize a workcamp

Who is organizing for?

Organizing a workcamp is usually a work of a Czech NGO or a municipality. All the necessary information are therefore in the Czech language. Would you like to know more anyway?

Send an email or give us a call.


Nikola Šašurová
+420 774 736 594

Launch of workcamp season 2024

On the magical date, February 29th, the 2024 workcamp season will open!🎉 What does that mean? All approx. 30 Czech workcamps will be published in our database, but also, you will be able to find up to 1500 workcamps from approx. 50 countries there! 🌍 You have a lot to look forward to! Put the date in your diary and read all the information about the workcamps in the meantime.