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Gateway into the world of volunteering

INEX - Association for Voluntary Activities - is a non-governmental non-profit organisation founded in 1991 whose primary activities are in the area of international voluntary work. Our main objective is, through international voluntary work, enabling people to help where their help is most needed whilst at the same time making it beneficial for the volunteers in terms of obtaining new life and work experiences which they can use later in their careers.

INEX-SDA also hosts EVS volunteers in the Prague office. You want to become an EVS volunteer in Czech Republic and experience the new whirpool of emotions, widen your horizons and learn another culture from the inside? Please next deadline for sending your CV and motivation letter will be published in August 2015.
Please see this year workcamps around the Czech Republic. If you would like to participate in one of them you should find sending organization in your country of origin and apply through them.
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You live in Czech Republic and want to go abroad for a workcamp? We have 17 years of experience with international volunteering. Every year INEX-SDA sends more than 600 volunteers to all the corners of the world to participate in the voluntary projects. Send us your apllications and enjoy new experience, see new places and get acquainted with new people! Explore countries from a different perspective than touristic.
Development education is one of the main programmes of INEX-SDA. It unites GLEN (Global Education Network of Young Europeans) - a programme of 12 European NGOs, sending 7 selected applicants for 3-months internship in a development country and Campaign Football for Development which takes place every June in different regions of Czech republic, incl. participation of youth team from Kenya. Development education „should enable people to understand better the relations between their own lives and lives of people across the world.“ (Development Education Association)
Volunteering in Czech Republic
Every year INEX-SDA organizes more than 40 workcamps for volunteers from abroad in the regions of Czech Republic. The projects are aimed at developing and supporting local communities and spreading the idea of voluntary work among youngsters. If you would like to participate in one of the projects you should find sending organisation in your country of origin and you can experience voluntary work yourself - you can come to the Czech Republic :) Here you can find some of the organizations around the world.