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Virtual workcamps

The world is online! The quarantine forced us to stay home, but it did not destroy our volunteering spirit. Attend a virtual workcamp or webinar.


The year 2020 and the ubiquitous pandemic “forced” us to relocate most of our activities, including workcamps, online. Even though some of the workcamps had to be cancelled, they were often replaced by so-called virtual or online workcamps. There are no borders when it comes to the online world and therefore virtual workcamps or webinars can bring you the opportunity to meet volunteers from all over the world and work, learn, share, practice a foreign language and spend free time together.

Virtual workcamps proved to be a wonderful idea and that is why hey continue in 2021! There will also be different kinds of challenges, discussions, educational and selv-development webinars and workshops or language “clubs”. How it all works and where to find the offer? Read below.


Many organizations are finding out that various meaningful activities can be done together online. And so they came up with several “do it yourself” workshops, where you can learn how to make all kinds of things, for example nature-friendly products, natural cosmetics or even attend a training focused on gardening. You can also find programmes focused on cultural or global topics.

On a virtual workcamp you will be able to share your ideas, experience or for instance recipes with other participants just as on a classic “offline” workcamp.


It’s quite simple! Just browse the database below that is being constantly updated with current online workcamps and webinars, choose one or more and sign up. Then wait for the hosting organization to contact you with detailed information about how to participate.

Some online workcamps use the Slack platform for easier communication. If so, you can just easily create an account there (if you don’t have one yet).

Some online events can be also found in our database (they are not part of the above mentioned database).

So, explore and attend as many online workcamps as you want.


For every online workcamp you sign up for through our web database we charge a registration fee of 200 CZK, which covers the administration costs of your application. There are no other expenses on your part (unless the host organisation states otherwise – e.g. covering costs of inviting a professional). After completing one or more online activities, it’s possible to receive a certificate confirming your active involvement and acquired knowledge.


Alena Cabalka
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INEX Club: Sustainable travel workshop, 5.6.

Do you want to discover the world, but not like a typical tourist? Come and find out how to travel sustainably, with respect for nature, local people and cultures. 🌱🌍