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  • Consulting – we are trying to consult different stakeholders (companies as well as parts of Prague), mainly on environmental aspects like reusable plastic instead of one-off plastic. For example, we would like to initiate use of reusable cups instead of current plastic cups for just one use at Náplavka and other places in Prague. We have made an exhibition to raise public awareness about sustainability topics at Náplavka in Prague and have used the big posters in other places as well.
  • Events – we have organised a debate and a workshop on CSR, we had a presentation regarding individuals’ sustainability at Earth Day in Zeleneč, had a stand at Elderly Day in Prague 3 and presented also at Vienna University in Austria. We are currently organizing Sustainability Evenings together with Greenglasses.
  • Website – we have been working on a web page with the purpose of putting together valuable information about individual as well as company/ organisation’s sustainability to help interested parties start or improve it. You can see it here
  • Application – together with Greenglasses, we are creating an application showing where people can buy sustainable products and services in Prague


If you are interested in details of our activities and/ or would like to join our group, please contact our Project Coordinator Markéta Svobodová.
Or you can find more information on our facebook page.

Launch of workcamp season 2024

On the magical date, February 29th, the 2024 workcamp season will open!🎉 What does that mean? All approx. 30 Czech workcamps will be published in our database, but also, you will be able to find up to 1500 workcamps from approx. 50 countries there! 🌍 You have a lot to look forward to! Put the date in your diary and read all the information about the workcamps in the meantime.