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For one Day

On Day project connects general public and non-profit organizations through one-day volunteer events. Its aim is to arise interest in the activities of the NGO sector and charitable activities and opportunities in our area in general. At the same time contributes to the visibility of NGOs in the Czech Republic and presents to the public new possibilities of active and meaningful leisure.

What are we doing?

  • We connect non-profits and the general public through a one-day volunteer events
  • We organize a meeting of people interested in the project
  • We train future organizers of individual volunteer days

What is volunteer day?

  • one day of benefit activity
  • fun and good feel about our work
  • interesting people
  • new information and inspiration
  • non-profit organizations and activities in the area

Participants will be for one day directly involved in the normal activities of the organization or will help it with some extraordinary activity (Children’s Day, an exhibition, cleaning, etc.). Together they execute around five hours of volunteer work (depending on prior arrangement), they will listen to presentation of the organization and possibly they can in the form of workshops try in practice something from its activities.
This way, volunteers have the opportunity to meet an organization’s environment and its running and to get in touch with its officials. For non-profit organization, the event is an opportunity to self-presentation by an unusual way and to meet with the public, to show its activities and fields of action and, ultimately, to gain new volunteers.

The concept of volunteer days is based on workcamps, two or three week group volunteer projects with international participation implemented worldwide. They offer the opportunity to participate in community service projects and also to explore foreign lands and cultures in unconventional way.

What already happened?

Lačhe Čhave – preparation of multicultural educational afternoon for children from the settlement Libuš or traveling across the world
CSOP Praha 15 – making seniors’s day more pleasant in a nursing home in Prague, chat and tournament in Ludo
Backstage (Zákulisí) – cleaning of studio and storage of costumes and props used by alternative theatre groups, making it

Similar events, in whose organization were also involved some members of our current implementation team, already took place within two years of the campaign Month of international volunteering organized by INEX:

KOKOZA – spring cleaning of community gardens
Amiga – multicultural cooking
LATA – help with renovation of office
Kampa Theatre – cleaning areas of social and cultural centre

For more information about the project, visit our website or write to us at

What's next? Join us at After-arrival meeting, 27.-29.9.

Are you going to a workcamp this year or will you even lead one? Don't forget to sign up for a weekend meeting and have a great weekend that will put a beautiful finishing touch on your volunteer experience this year.