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Are you interested in volunteering and would you like to do something more? Do you dream about having your own project? Do you want to try to make it happen with the support of an experienced organization or are you attracted by the thought of being a part of a meaningful project already created by someone else? Would you like to be in contact with people with similar mind-set and keep developing your skills? If your answer is a resounding “YES!” to at least one of these questions, INEX is the perfect place for you.

What is INEXup

INEXup is a programme which supports volunteers in their intention to carry out their own projects in their own community. It allows them to test the realization of their idea for a project in a safe environment and with the full support from both INEX and other volunteers from already existing projects. The programme is time limited and it is only up to you, if you want to try a one-time project during the programme or after finishing it you will go further with your project and it becomes a part of the INEX community where there is a constant cooperation between INEX and projects and among projects themselves.

Why to get involved

By getting involved in the programme you will get:

  • opportunity to participate in educational seminars focused on project management
  • provided space and materials for your activities and meetings
  • a mentor who will lead you through planning and reflection of your project
  • help with promotion of your project
  • monthly overview of available grants
  • contacts and networking with existing projects for sharing the best practises
  • know-how of an experienced organization
  • self-development in the areas of project management, fundraising, networking, leadership and competences such as learning to learn, communication skills or presentation skills

What is expected of you?

Project Values
The project should be non-profit and generally beneficial, in accordance with the values ​​of INEX.
Number of people
The optimal number of people in the group is at least 3 (but not a condition).
Own blog/project diary
You will record what you went through in the project group with regular contributions.
Attending the launch of the program
Participation in seminars
You should* and should complete min. 2 seminars.
At least 2 articles to share on the INEX blog (from INEXup life).
You should have regular meetings and minutes of them

How to get involved

  • start for example with letting us know that you have an idea for a new project or that you would like to get involved with an already existing one which interest you
  • follow us on facebook where you can follow the preparations for a new programme cycle
  • come to a networking event called INEXpub and talk to us and other project leaders about how it is to carry out a project and what we can offer to you
  • ask around, if anyone from your surroundings would like to join your project (e.g. friends from a workcamp, training or other events)
  • get involved with an already existing project – more info at

Ongoing projects

Projects are always beneficial to our surroundings, be it society or nature. However, their main aim is to provide the opportunity for the participants of the project to get a chance to work on a project and learn as much as they can from it.


Jana Hejkrlíková
+420 731 168 929

What's next? Join us at After-arrival meeting, 27.-29.9.

Are you going to a workcamp this year or will you even lead one? Don't forget to sign up for a weekend meeting and have a great weekend that will put a beautiful finishing touch on your volunteer experience this year.