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Long-term projects

Have you participated in a workcamp and did you have a great time? Are you interested in volunteering abroad and getting new experience within the context of a local culture?

If you want to know how to go abroad for a longer time, how to get deeper into the local culture or how to involve yourself as a volunteer, long-term volunteering is the right choice for you. The projects are realized across the world, precisely where they are needed. You can build school in Africa, protect sea turtles in Asia or lead workcamp in Mexico. It all depends just on you. Every year we offer more than 200 projects in duration from 1 month to 1 year. They are focused on environment, art, work with children and youth, education, free time… No matter which one you choose, it always gives you a unique opportunity to become a member of a local community, to improve your language skills, to meet new people and to raise your qualification.

How to apply

MTV and LTV projects are guaranteed by our partner organizations all over the world – their conditions can be different, but they are open to everybody without age restriction. Accomodation and food is usually provided, in some european countries pocket moeny is included as well. You always need to read the description of the certain project with all the details.

What you have to do before applying

  • Think about your motivation, your interests, experience, knowledge and expectations – and on their base choose your project.
  • Be able to communicate – English (or another world language) – and learn at least the basic of local language
  • Be ready to integrate in new, foreign and culturally different world – it is necessary to be open and tolerant
  • Be aware of the fact that it takes a lot of energy for the hosting organization to prepare your project
  • Rather than saving the whole world, try to provide help for the locals
  • Be ready for the culture shock…

The reward for overcoming the cultural and working obstacles will be handed to you by means of great life experience, new skills, new friends and new self-confidence.
You can apply through on-line application, where you can continue after the selection of the project. Fill the application in English. Pay attention to your motivation letter – it is the only thing based on which the hosting organization will accept you.

IMPORTANT: INEX can only send Czech citizens or residents of the Czech Republic to voluntary projects.

If you have a different nationality, you do not have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic or you do not live here for at least one year, find a sending organisation in your country of origin.

You can search for your sending organisation at networks of our partner organisations:

Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations
Service Civil International

If you are a foreigner and you do have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic, but you do not speak Czech, please contact us.


Alena Cabalka
+420 731 163 670