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I-YES Sustainability tools


I-YES is a platform created for youth workers and actors in volunteering, sustainability, and non-formal education. It was developed by INEX and four other organizations in the field, with a network of experts and young people from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, and Romania.

The platform’s goal is to achieve long-term change by raising awareness and fostering critical thinking about the issues of global justice and sustainability, as well as providing materials to take action. In I-YES you have access to a variety of content that can enlarge your knowledge about Global Citizenship Education (GCE), leadership, and inclusion. As well as a database of methods and a checklist where you can access your abilities as a youth leader.

You will also have access to a Facebook Group where you can discuss, network, develop, and talk to other youth leaders. With the platform, we aim to create an environment that goes beyond learning, where you can connect with other youth workers, and share ideas and experiences to help enrich each other.



Co-funded by the ERAMUS+ Programme of the European Union (Agreement No: 2021-1-DE04-KA220-YOU-000029181)

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