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Library of Things

A place, where you can find, what you need.

Library of Things is a project created by a group of friends. Since some of us are dedicated to long-term volunteering activities and INEX-SDA, it is clear, that we support and cheer for each other.

What do we do?

Library of Things (LOT) is a place with a permanent collection of things that are lent for a fee. The income from renting things and the organization of workshops is used again for the development of LOT.
The things that we offer are those that people do not need very often but sometimes they come in handy. So you can rent them from us! What kind of things can you rent? For example a drilling machine, a piece of luggage, a tent or a tennis racket. Or you can borrow things that you are not sure about whether you will like them and you would like to try them out. You can borrow those from us and test them, things such as a guitar, a unicycle or a board game. We offer in total around 70 different objects. (catalogue)


…we are not just a rental place. We educate, we provide new opportunities and we are open to working with you! We lend things thanks to which you can experience unique moments or you can create something with them. You can expand your horizons on the workshops that we organize especially those in the themes of “do it yourself”, “zero-waste” etc., because these are in line with our vision and aspiration to create a more eco-friendly world.
We also offer you the opportunity to organize your own project for your friends or the public. Last but not least, we want you to share experiences with us, so as not to just come for an object like to a shop, but stop for a coffee and tell us, what you experienced thanks to the object, what it enabled you to do or what you made with it. We want to provide possibilities and make them more accessible, we want to make you passionate about something new.
All this leads us to the creating of LOT and a community space where people who believe in ecologically sustainable world can meet. It is a space for those who like to create, exchange ideas and experiences and, above all, have fun while doing so.
We hope to see you come in and see for yourself soon!
At the present moment we are open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, always since 5 till 7 pm.
LOT is a place in the street Hybernská nr. 4 in the campus “Hybernská ožívá” of FF UK open both for students and the public. You can find a gallery there, lecture hall and a bar.

Further information

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What's next? Join us at After-arrival meeting, 27.-29.9.

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