Are you an expat in the Czech Republic? Have you been here for a while but still feel like you’re missing out on the real Czech culture? Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Then we have what you need!
Help where it is needed, work on your personal development, meet locals and people from all over the world this summer and take home an unforgettable experience.

Become a workcamp leader in the Czech Republic!

This experience can add a lot to your personal and professional life.
Who is a workcamp leader? In short, it is the person who looks after the international group of volunteers during the workcamp and acts as a liaison between them, us (INEX) and the local partner.
Whether you are interested in restoring historic buildings, helping nature, people or the community, we believe you will find the right workcamp for you.

At the training you will discover
👉🏻 What to expect in your role as a leader
👉🏻 How to prevent conflict in a group and motivate the right people
👉🏻 What to tell journalists about international volunteering
👉🏻 How to work with group dynamics

What else can you get out of this experience?
👉🏻 get to know the Czech Republic more authentically
👉🏻 meet cool people who live here just like you (and all over the world)
👉🏻 practise your English, and Czech if you like
👉🏻 find out about your strengths and weaknesses
👉🏻 gain valuable experience
👉🏻 improve your organisational skills

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