🔍Do you want to discover the world, but not like a typical tourist? Do you know how to be sustainable while travelling? What can you do to live according to your values and not harm nature or the local community, but on the contrary have a positive impact on both?
Come and find out how to travel sustainably, with respect for nature, local people and cultures. 🌱🌍
Looking for unique experiences beyond the typical tourist attractions? The workshop will teach you that too. So don’t hesitate and join us for a free hands-on workshop on sustainable travel.
The event will be held in English

Negative impacts of travel: How tourism impacts the environment and communities.
Waste reduction: Practical tips for reducing waste when travelling.
Carbon footprint: Ways to reduce your impact on the environment when you travel.
Ethical tourism: How to behave, where to shop and what entertainment to choose when travelling. – Practical tips
Ways to travel sustainably: How to travel in a way that has a positive impact on the local community and gives you something extra?