Upgrade your trainer skills with Youthworker 2.0

Are you a leader of volunteer projects or youth trainer? Have you ever worked with participants with special needs or fewer opportunities in your activities? And would you like to get more experience to be better prepared next time?

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If your answers are positive, second training course within the project “Youthworker 2.0” is here just for you.

Where and when does the TC take place:
Start: on 20th February 2017 around 16:00
Finish: 27th February 2017 after breakfast
Venue: Creative Space, Hollókő, Hungary

Main aim of this project is to support quality of youth work by raising competencies of youth leaders and youth trainers.

Objectives of this training are as following.

The participants will:

  • reflect their own attitudes towards inclusion of people with special needs and fewer opportunities in a group
  • understand the various disadvantages, their background and how to deal with it if such disadvantage appears in a group
  • have space for sharing experience in international context and create new activities or projects.

Target group:

This Training Course is for participants, who:

  • speak English on a good level (as the whole TC will be in English)
  • have experience in working with a group of youth and dealing with the group dynamics. They should be involved in youth work for at least 1 year or have experience with organizing or leading at least two international projects.
  • have at least one concrete experience with having a participant with fewer opportunities or special needs in a group.
  • are motivated to raise quality of their educational activities and to use the competence increased by the training in their work with youth
  • preferably are in a cooperation with one of the partner organisations (not compulsory)

Partner organisations:
Organizer and coordinator of the project: INEX – Association for Voluntary Activities


  • Egyesek, Hungary
  • TransFúzia, Slovakia
  • Legambiente, Italy
  • XCHANGE Scotland and
  • Young Researchers of Serbia


  • participate from the beginning of the TC till the end
  • there is small 15€ contribution fee from each participant
  • the organizer will arrange the boarding, accommodation, materials, content of the training and also reimburse the travel costs of the participants

If you are inerested:

Simply fill this questionnaire by 15th January 2017.

Read the invitation.

Contact person: Bára Kiss (project coordinator) bara@inexsda.cz

This project was supported by the Erasmus + Programme.