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read what a workcamp is

participate in a workcamp

join a longer project

Workcamp is 2-3 week group volunteer project. People from around the world work and spend their leisure time together. It is a unique opportunity to experience different cultures and to help in places, where it makes sense.

Find workcamps that interest you the most. If you want to increase the chance to be accepted on a workcamp in the chosen dates, sign up for more workcamps at once.
IMPORTANT: For Czech cizitens only, for foreingers – find our partner organisation in Alliance Voluntary Network in your home country.

Go abroad for a month, for summer or for a longer period of time up to a year and participate in volunteer projects all around the world. You have the possibility to choose between GLEN or European Voluntary Service and mid- or long-term programmes in Asia, Africa or Americas.

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Participate in a workcamp in the Czech Republic

Kick for Football for Development

join volunteers club

Would you like to try a workcamp in the Czech Republic? Choose from more than our 30 exciting workcamps. Are you already experienced? Would you like to lead an international group of volunteers? Become a leader of a workcamp in the Czech Republic!

Become an ambassadors of the campaign Football for Development and promote fair play in the Czech Republic together with volunteers from Kenya.

Volunteer in the Czech Republic and create your own mini-project with our Volunteers Club or participate in interesting trainings and workshops.

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organize a workcamp

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Are you a non-profit organization, municipality or town? Would you like to organize a project for an international group of volunteers? Read what a workcamp can enrich you with and how to organize it.

Do you like INEX-SDA? Would you like to support our organization? You have two options; financial donation or time donation by means of your own participation as an oficial member of our organizataion.

Interesting internships, possiblities to become a lecturer and a supervisor or vacancies in our team. You will find first-hand information on our website, in the section of news.