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Volunteers Club (DoK)

what can you learn...

Are you interested in volunteering? Do you want to be in contact with similarly tuned people and develop your skills? Would you like to realize an idea for your own activity with support from experienced organisation?

If you answer “YES!” to at least one of these questions, “DoK” is here just for you.

Volunteers club (DoK):

  • is place for your project ideas and their implementation
  • enables lifelong development and gaining of competences important for life
  • enables to utilise, realise and develop your endowments

Read four reasons, why is DoK useful to you.

Various DoK activities offer different opportunities for learning, thanks to which you can find your own way of learning. Especially by working on your own projects and thanks to the educational seminars you can develop yourself in following areas:

  • group work, leadership
  • project organisation and management, PR
  • self-management and other soft-skills useful in further life
  • formulation of thoughts and ability to defend them, speaking in public
  • fundraising and grant proposals writing, financial management

Projects of Volunteers Club are always beneficial to our surroundings, whether they take place in the society or in nature.

How to join us?

Beginning is simple:

  • Join us on Facebook and follow news or invitation for DoK events.
  • Subscribe for getting our monthly newsletter (in Czech).
  • Write to DoK Coordinator, if you any ideas or need any advice – she will be happy to help.

Where to come?

Events calendar

Invitations for DoK events are regularly published in the Event Calendar, on Facebook and in News on our Homepage.
Durign the season, DoK organizes these events:


  • INEXhub – official beginning of DoK season
  • INEXpubs – debates on interesting topics, non-formal discussion and ideal space for meeting other volunteers (once a month, Prague, but we accept invitations to other cities as well – e-mail us!)
  • Interesting educational seminars on topics chosen by the volutneers themselves.


Projects of Volunteers Club are always beneficial to our surroundings, whether they take place in the society or in nature. Nevertheless, their primary purpose is for volunteers to try organize a project and learn as much as possible. The project groups are listed below; at this moment the only English speaking group in the Corporate Social Responsibility, but we believe all the groups are able to switch to English, if you’re interested in joining them.

If you have ideas for any new activity or interested in the running ones, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Projects of DoK