Upgrade Yourself!

Volunteering offers an amazing opportunity for self-development, for the increase of competences and soft skills. How to measure, record, and plan your personal growth? And how to persuade your surroundings or possible employers that thanks to volunteering you have gained useful competences? International project “Upgrade Yourself” aimed to create first on-line app on basis of learning journal offering volunteers the opportunity to track their own personal growth and translate their experience in terms of soft skills. And much more!

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The project Upgrade Yourself is a reaction to the high unemployment among the university graduates. In addition, it aimed to support volunteers and organisations working with youth and non-formal learning of volunteers. The project is realised in cooperation with Zavod Voluntariat.

The project consists of the following parts:

Development of on-line Learning Journal

The on-line app IM-PROVE scores the competences of the individual volunteers. It helps the volunteers to self-reflect the competences they developed during various volunteering activities (workcamps, youth exchanges, trainings, national projects, EVS, internships…) in various roles (participants of the project, leaders, managers, trainers, facilitators…).


  • translates volunteers’ experiences into competences (the users can add concrete situations, which happened during any volunteer project, and the app translates these situations into 14 competences identified in the app)
  • lists these situations one behind each other and allows to filter them – as a Learning Diary
  • allows the volunteers to plan their next progress by showing situations they haven’t been through or by setting up their goal
  • generates a “public profile”, which can be shared on the outside
  • is available in English, Czech and Slovene

In the first year of the project, the app was developed; in 2016 a final pilot version was created. You can start using it easily – just go to improve.inexsda.cz, register and record, what you’ve been through!

The creation of Manual for long-term work with volunteers

This manual is intended for youth workers and non-governmental organizations that are interested in long-term continual work with youth and in linking volunteering with education. In this manual, we present know-how that has been achieved during the existence of the Volunteers Clubs by INEX-SDA (Czech Republic) and Zavod Voluntariat (Slovenia). We believe experience of these two organizations may serve as a good practice example and an inspiration for other NGOs and institutions, which are looking for a strategy on how to involve the volunteers on long-term basis and help them raise their competences to achieve better position in their personal and professional life.

The Manual is available in Czech , Slovene and English.

Other Activities

Joint educational events for volunteer mentors and coordinators from the Czech Republic and Slovenia represented by the project partner organisation Zavod Voluntariat. The aims of these are to share the experience, motivate and educate each other in order to implement the best volunteer projects and to learn the most from them.

International training for trainers and International round table for youth workers in November 2016 summed up and contributed to the dissemination of all the relevant project outcomes.

The project is implemented with the support of the Erasmus + Programme and took place between 1st of January 2015 and 31st of December 2016. For more information, please contact the project coordinator Lenka Polcerova at lenka.polcerova@inexsda.cz.

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