Write it down! (2015)

Write it down! is campaign of organization Young poets from Prague trying to highlight the importance of poetry in today’s society and encourage young people in their work.

The main activities are free series of workshops led by prominent contemporary authors on topical issues.
Participants of the workshop will then be allowed to perform at cultural events and to publish in the final almanac. The project will be accompanied by prominent authors such as Jarmila Hannah Čermáková, Petr Borkovec and Marek Šindelka, winner of the Magnesia Litera prize.

Do you want to gain experience in project management? Are you interested in literature and creative writing, or do you have other experiences that you like to contribute to us, and also you want to gather valuable experience? Join the production team!

What do we offer?

  • Involvement to stray non-profit project
  • Experience in the field of cultural management
  • The potential for personal development and their own creativity
  • Skills development
  • Work in a relaxed young team

Who are we looking? Young people which would like to gain experience in the following areas:

  • PR, communication with the public
  • Event organization, logistics, dramaturgy
  • Administration, accounting, communication with partners
  • HR and the involvement of volunteers

Call us at tosipis.kampan@gmail.com, 736 160 757 (Barbora Zavadilová – Coordinator)
More about the project: www.facebook.com/mladibasniciprazsti