Young Europeans for Global Development Project

Project Young Europeans for Global Development (YEGD) ran from 2013 to 2014 and aimed to support citizens participation and young people activities. In adittion, it fosters a responsible attitude towards the community, region and society through volunteering in global South countries and related educational programmes. The project is based on various activities of global education ( follow-up seminars for volunteers, lectures, debates, happenings, international youth gatherings in the so-called Youthcamps) and on support for volunteers´own initiatives in the given field. Thanks to Volunteers Club, platform aiming to support voluntary projects, the volunteers can implement their own awareness-raising and educational activities and contribute to bigger awareness of public about global issues and Millenium Developmental Goals right after they return from the global South countries.

The project is coordinated by an Estonian NGO called EstYES. Besides INEX-SDA, German CulturCooperation, Latvian Jasma and Lithuanian Deineta support the project.

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Main activities of Young Europeans for Global Development project are:

Volunteer´s Club DoK is a place for meeting and sharing a mutual support among the volunteers and other active people while implementing their own initiatives and projects. In the framework of DoK we work in project groups, each group having a mentor steming of INEX-SDA´s employees or old volunteers who motivate and support their initiatives. The members of DoK can take part in interesting educational seminars (aiming to selfdevelopment, raising the competences, knowledge and creativity) and apply the gained theoretical knowledge in practical life of the group project. The Volunteer´s Club offers opportunities for implementation of socially beneficial activities as well as volunteer´s own personal and competence growth.

Experiential learning courses for volunteers leaving for global South countries and follow-up meetings. The aim of these trainings is to provide the volunteers with an extended training before departure and on his/her return to offer the space for reflection and evaluation of one´s experience with opportunity to follow-up on it with extended programme of education and self-development.

  • Travelling exhibitions Dobrovolníkem v ČR and Kultur8

International youth and volunteers gathering from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Czech Republic as well as from other associated countries aims at sharing experience from voluntary projects in the global South countries and Europe and consecutive activities in GE field.

  • Creation of a manual Young Europeans for Global Development: A Guidebook for global education in international volunteering Download in Czech and English

Download the summary of our experience with the YEGD project in form of regular project newsletters and other documents:

1st [soubor (newsletter_YEGD_072013) nenalezen]
2nd newsletter 9/2013- dedicated to YouthCamp in Tallinnu and Mustjoe (EST), 25.-31.8.2013
3rd newsletter 10/2013- dedicated to Volunteer´s Clubs activities in Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
4th newsletter 2/2014- more about European Action Days in five European countries including Czech Republic on International Day of Volunteering and Baltic Caravan Tour.
5th newsletter 4/2014- more about conference “Best practices in mainstreaming global education into non-formal learning”,
6th newsletter 6/2014- dedicated to Volunteer´s Clubs activities in Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in Spring 2014
7th newsletter 10/2014- more about International Work Camp for returned volunteers taking part in Hamburg in August 2014

8th newsletter 11/2014- outcomes of Kaunas conference on relation of global education and informal learning (24th to 28th September 2014)

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