I want to become a campleader

Every year INEX-SDA organizes over 30 workcamps in the Czech Republic. These projects offer a unique opportunity for a group of 7-16 volunteers from all over the world including the Czech Republic, to live and work together on a non-profit project in a local community. The group is lead by 2 volunteers-campleaders. Every year we open more than 60 places for campleaders.

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Do you want to lead a workcamp?

Please note that the role of a campleader on INEX-SDA workcamps in the Czech Republic is open primarily to the volunteers living in the Czech Republic and speaking Czech. The local hosts of our workcamps do not always speak English so one of the tasks of the campleaders is to help with translation and facilitate the communication between the international group of volunteers and the local community.

Although the places for non-Czech speaking campleaders are limited, we cooperate every year with several individuals. If you are interested, please contact us on campleaders@inexsda.cz.