Border Crossing (2015)

Regularly in a pleasant, neutral location we create a solid conversational space, on the theme of migration.

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The project is still in the process of formation. Read on and if you are interested, contact coordinator and help with its creation!

The basic idea of the project:
We want to critically discuss the current topics of migration and refugee crises, hear the arguments, and seek own opinion … The reason is that the discussions on this topic are often emotional and definitive. We would like to that the interaction of different perspectives will not exceed the bounds of decency and tolerance, mutual listening. It is based on freely and fearlessly expressed opinion.
It might work for example that within each of the debating evening there will an opportunity for interested ones to present their opinion or point of view to others, and at the same time to share experiences directly from their personal life or their surroundings. On this basic platform, we’ll create a sample critical debate about the length of a few minutes. The remaining space will be devoted to further discussion of participants. Anyone can participate or just listen to opinions based on arguments.

Who are we looking for:
To join our time we look for capable and imaginative young people who would like to participate on creating a shape and a content of the project.
Are you interested in this project and would you like to know more? Write coordinator of the Volunteer Club Bára. She will connect you with the group.