FilmHUB (2014)

Project of two volunteers of the European Voluntary Service – a cycle of films on educational topics and discussion evenings. Through a series of these activities, our volunteers learn more about the current problems of the world and have the opportunity to mutually share their views and experiences.

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“Filmhub is a space where share ideas and create debates. In consists in the screening of gobal education movies that promote reflexion. The aim is to improve critical thinking skills through debating, using films as a tool. It is open to topics connected to global issues and everyday concerns.” expressed the sense of event co-author of the project Adna Hindija.

Although EVS volunteers, which FilmHUB devised, already had left the Czech Republic, tradition of movie nights with global educational topics in INEX continues and new movie nights you can find at the list of our events.

If you are interested not only in the continuation of FilmHUB, but also in other activities of DoK, learn more about them here.