Exhibition "Responsibility in Comics" at Náplavka

At the end of July, volunteers’ group RESP:ON, which operates with support of Volunteers Club INEX-SDA, hanged an exhibition on topics of responsibility at Náplavka (Rašínovo nábraží) in Prague. Main aim is to make an appeal on sustainable lifestyle and responsible behaviour of individuals (at home and at work) to their environment.

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The exhibition will be at disposal to all Náplavka visitors for one months – by 27th August. Pictures were created by designer Barbora Jedličková.

By this activity, the group of volunteers started their activities connected to this place; for example, they would like to achieve usage of reusable cups for drinks instead of the current ones for one use only. Furthermore, the volunteers are preparing a website about social responsibility of companies and individuals, which will bring tips, how to live more sustainably and among others will connect companies with projects of NGOs. Read more about the group on the website.

SUStainability MAKers are currently the only English speaking group in Volunteers Club. If you’re interested in what the are doing and would like to contribute, just e-mail us and we will connect you!

This activity was realised thanks to project “Upgrade Yourself” supported by the European Commission programme Erasmus +.