Volunteers´ Academy of INEX-SDA (2015)

Volunteers’ Academy of INEX-SDA is an independent, non-profit project under the auspices of INEX-SDA, which is organized by volunteers. Since January 2015 arranges opportunity to all INEX-SDAs’ fans to meet each other at workshops on non-formal education. It works on the principle of mutual support, that anyone can do anything, anybody can pass their knowledge and skills to others.

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What happened in 2015?

In 2015 we, together with volunteer teachers, organized eight workshops on various topics. We’ve influenced dozens of participants, who were often reported repeatedly. Get to know with teachers and topics of workshops in the yearbook of 2015.

Next time you can also participate! Or do you have interesting and useful topic for others and want to become a teacher?

Would you like to participate in the organizing?

Write us on the contacts listed below. You can try with us organizing, communication, PR and networking!

Would you like to attend workshop?

  • Take place at interactive workshop, which is held the last Monday of the month on selected topics
  • Come to the training room INEX-SDA, Varšavská 30, Prague 2 – Vinohrady
  • Do not pay for participation, but if you are selected as a participant, take your application mandatory (room capacity is limited, your motivation decides on a specific workshop)
  • Follow fanpage on Facebook, registrations open always around the middle of the month
  • Take advantage of networking after the workshop in a nearby pub – it is open for interested unsubscribed too
    h2. Do you want to lecture for Volunteer Academy?
  • Think about the theme and form of the workshop, which you offer to others from community of INEX-SDA supporters
  • Please take note that lecturing as well as participation are free
  • Contact the organizers for details – we look forward to!

Contact for media and interested: Irena Pajerová, pajerovaren@gmail.com, dobroakademie@inexsda.cz
Contact for participants: Silvie Hašloá, dobroakademie@inexsda.cz
Contact for networking: Nina Hrčková, ninushahr@gmail.com