Training for campleaders

Every year we cooperate with more than 60 volunteers who lead work camps in various places around the Czech Republic. We want your experience with the work camps to be a truly invaluable experience and so we take the training and self-development the camp leaders very seriously. The training includes a spring weekend seminar, a course of first aid, several thematic seminars and concludes with the autumn meeting of camp leaders. We offer opportunities of education to new leaders as well as experienced leaders who have lead work camps in the past.
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The training course for camp leaders consists of three phases over a time period of one year:



What can you expect:

  • Intensive weekend training lead by experienced camp leaders and trainers
  • Each year there are two courses (usually in April and May)
  • Each course starts on Friday at 12pm and finishes on Sunday around 15pm
  • Program based on interactive games, simulations and methods of experience teaching
  • Some parts of the course are taught in English
  • acommodation and food provided, participants cover transport costs

We deal with these topics:

  • Volunteering, personal motivation, role of the camp leader – expectations, rights and duties
  • Leadership in groups, conflict prevention, communication in international groups, group dynamics
  • Transcultural education, use of feedback and evaluation
  • Work with media, promotion, economical and administration of project management
  • Other information about the projects
    During the course you will have the opportunity to choose the work camp you would like to lead and find out more about the selection process.

Would you like to apply? Check current terms of trainings: terms of training.


What can you expect:

  • One-day course of First Aid focused specifically on situations likely to occur during work camps
  • Take place once a year, usually in June
  • You will earn how to treat broken bones and burns and how to deal with viral infection and life-threatening situations
  • This course is obligatory for new camp leaders, and recommendable for those who have attended similar course during past free months (min. 5 hours)
  • However, it is also possible to get a similar training somewhere else as long as it approved by us

Would you like to apply? Check current terms of course of First Aid.


What can you expect:

  • One day long self-development seminars headed by experienced camp leaders and trainers
  • Take place once a year, usually in June and designed for both new and experienced camp leaders
  • The program is based on thematic workshops, which are followed by camp-leader training that develop the required skills of camp leaders
  • teambuilding activities are an inseparable part of the meetings and are done through games


What can you expect:

  • An event for all those who have been leaders and they would like to share their experiences
  • Occurs once per year (in September/October)
  • Begins on Friday at 12pm and finishes on Sunday at 15pm
  • The program is based on interactive games, simulations and other pedagogical methods
  • food and accommodation provided

We deal with these topics:

  • Reflection of camp leader – expectations and fulfilment, problems during group leading, sharing of practise, recommendations
  • Feedback, self-knowledge, self-development – what skills camp-leading has given me and how I have developed personally from my experience with camp-leading
  • Relaxing and interactvie activities, teambuilding and networking
  • Other involvement in INEX-SDA


Do you have any questions about the trainings? Ask Lucie on