Camp Away! (2014)

Campaign “Camp Away!” is focusing on to students from high schools and informs them about the opportunities of going to the workcamp abroad.

What will the participation in the voluntary project abroad bring to the students, where they will work for free during the holidays, abroad, in humble conditions, and with people they’ve never seen before and who do not even speak Czech?

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“We believe that’s a lot! We think that going to workcamps abroad is a meaningful activity, and therefore we organize interactive presentations at Prague’s schools and at others as well. In presentations, based on our own experience, we show that participation on one two week volunteer project (workcamps) abroad, thanks to INEX-SDA mediation, can be one of the most beneficial, the most fun and interesting ways to spend part of the summer. At the same time we promote the idea of volunteering as an activity for which the person does not get paid money, but a thousand other ways that are often extremely valuable. " answer the question from the title of our article volunteers from CampAway.

Their activity of presentation of volunteer experience at schools is still ongoing, and if you are interested and would like to introduce the international volunteering to students of your school, you can contact the group CampAway!

What students learn in a lecture:
- What is a workcamp
- Our personal experience with workcamps
- How and where to get on workcamp abroad

What workcamp brings to students?
- Improve their skills in English
- Spend part of the summer in a foreign country, at low cost and in a multicultural environment
- They will get a good feeling that they helped a good cause
- Find out what it’s like working in a team and pull together

What is needed from you:
Your support and agree that we can organize interactive presentation for students of penultimate and final year of study (ie., Aged 18 – 19 years), ideally in the end of March or at the beginning of April 2015 during one lesson, ideally in a larger room with a projection screen and projector.

If you are a director or teacher at a grammar school or high school, and you are interested in our project, contact us!
If you are a student of high school school, write to us and we will come to your school!

CONTACT: Mgr. Karolína Ptáková: +420 737 258 595
We will gladly answer any questions or we will arrange organizing lectures at your school.
Have a nice day
Team Camp Away!