Training of trainers with INEX-SDA is coming!

Training of trainers for workcamp leaders and trainers-beginners will level up your skills of dealing with groups of participants.

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Training of Trainers

basics of trainer’s knowledge and skills on one spot

Training course for everyone, who wants to get more confident in working with group of participants at educational activities or volunteer projects.

After the training, participants should…

  • be able to design an educational activity (session) including objectives and appropriate methods for supporting the group dynamics
  • understand the main features of non-formal learning and experiential learning
  • enhance their practical skills, such as express themselves clearly in front of the group, lead review after an activity, facilitate sessions, give and receive constructive feedback, etc.

The training will be held between 22nd November (cca 18h) and 27th November (14:30). We are looking for 30 participants from Czech Republic and Slovenia.


  • It is necessary to participate from the beginning of the TC till the end.
  • There is small 30€ deposit fee from each participant to assure their participation in advance. This fee will be sent back to the participant after the activity. If you are very interested in participating, but this fee is too high for you, please, let us know and we will sort it out.
  • The organizers will arrange the boarding, accommodation, materials, content of the training and also reimburse the travel costs.

Interested? Read more in the invitation or directy fill in the application form! Deadline for applications: 20th October or when the capacity is full. The sooner you apply, the bigger chance there is for being accepted!

This training course is a dissemination activity of project “Upgrade Yourself”:, which was supported by a grant from the Erasmus + : Youth in Action Programme.