Is anti-discrimination your topic? Don't miss the training Youthworker 2.0!

Are you a leader of volunteer projects, workcamps or youth trainer? Are you interested in how to work with the topic of anti-discrimination and what’s hidden behind it? And would you like to get more experience in development and implementation of workshops? If so, this training is the right choice for you.

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Main aim of this training is to support participants in development of educational workshops in order to promote anti-discrimination at workcamps and train them in methods which can foster creation of spaces where different positionalities of the participants are acknowledged and treated in anti-discriminatory ways.

The participants of this TC will:

  • be able to create common ground of knowledge to concern the topic of anti-discrimination
    • reflect own positionalities in various power structures, stereotypes and ways of thinking which might lead to discrimination
    • build on this self-experience and learn how to implement these methods in their educational work
  • learn about root causes of the prejudices and discriminations (in relation to migration, South-North relations, gender,…) and be able to recognize these in real life situations, while working with the groups (ex. on workcamps)
  • understand basic features of non-formal education, methods and tools which will enable the participants to create and run workshops raising awareness about the topic

Target group:

This Training Course is for participants, who:

  • speak English on a good level (as the whole TC will be in English)
  • are workcamp leaders or trainers-beginners, who have lead/organized at least 1 workcamp or other voluntary project and/or are preparing to lead one in summer 2017
  • are motivated to undergo a self-reflecting process connected with own’s positionalities related to power relations and further work with these topics in their educational work/group leading
  • preferably are in a cooperation with one of the partner organisations (not compulsory but highly recommended)

Logistics and Conditions:

Where and when does the TC take place:

Start: 4th June 2017 (arrivals, programme starts at 18h)
Finish: 11th June 2017 (departures since morning)
Venue: Albrechtova vyhlídka, Frýdlant, Czech Republic. We’ll organize a bus, which will take all the participants from Prague. Travel to the venue will be most probably arranged by a bus from Prague for those participants, that will fly to Prague.


  • It is necessary to participate from the beginning of the TC till the end, no late arrivals / early departures.
  • There is small 15€ contribution fee from each participant to cover some administrative costs. If you are really interested in participating, but this fee is too high for you, please, let us know and we will sort it out.
  • The organizer will arrange the boarding, accommodation, materials, content of the training and also reimburse the travel costs of the participants up to the lump sum amounts in Erasmus + rules
  • The participants should be able to deliver a short workshop on the anti-discrimination topic and/or lead a workcamp in summer 2017.

Previous trainings:

Within the Youthworker 2.0 project, two great trainings were realised. You can check the facebook page. You can have a look on the booklet! from the first training, booklet from the second training is in preparations, but in the meanwhile, you can at least have a look on the video:

How to apply:

Signing up for a seminar is extended until May 28th!

  • We will accept 4 participants per partner country – Hungary, Italy, Serbia, UK, Greece and the Czech Republic.

Check the detailed invitation!

Contact person: Bára Kiss (project coordinator)

This project was supported by the Erasmus + Programme.