Education and self-development

*Would you like to develop your personal skills and help other people through volunteering? Check out our offers of educational events, weekend meetings and trainings abroad and pitch in!

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What is it about?

  • Seminars are meant primarily for volunteers and trainers of INEX-SDA and other active people interested in developing their personal skills helping other people.
  • Teaching is focused on development of soft skills (general skills used for working with other people), topics connected with active citizenship and global development.
  • The courses are taught by professional trainers
  • The courses are usually either free or for a small fee. However in some cases we offer to pay travelling costs from Prague and back.
  • In return we expect that the participants will use their gained skills and knowledge in their own voluntary and civil initiatives.

Would you like to participate in self-development course or seminar? Write to the coordinator of the Voluntary Club of INEX-SDA Ondřej Bradáč:


What is it about?

  • Projects organised by INEX-SDA and partner organizations which are usually funded by the EU
  • Open to everyone with a good command of English and an interest in the topics and who actively participate projects with INEX-SDA
  • Provide opportunity for further studying and self-development

How to apply?

  • There are specific applications and requirements for each seminar and training
  • Participants have to agree to and sign the conditions INEX-SDA and pay the participation fee of 250,- CZ

Would you like to apply? Write to Aneta Marková:


What is it about?

  • A new season of Voluntary Club is beginning
  • Meet other like-minded people and experienced volunteers of DoK
  • There will be a presentation of all events which you can partake in with DoK and INEX-SDA
  • You can share your ideas, present your project, join other project or start new ones
  • Teambuilding and interactive games
  • Share experiences from summer projects and other adventures

Would like to find out more about Interactive weekend and activities of DoK? Write to coordinator Ondřej Bradáč:

The meeting is pencilled in for the 9-11th of October 2015. All the information will be specified over the year 2015.


Who are the trainers?

  • Trainers at INEX-SDA are experienced volunteers who share their know-how from international projects with other volunteers at INEX-SDA
  • They take part in the preparation of training programs of Camp leaders and Global volunteering and they lead preparation blocks
  • INEX-SDA provides them preparation for the role of trainers during a few days of training for trainers and supports them over the year

We deal with these topics:

  • Informal education, interactive learning, critical thinking
  • Trainer’s skills-methods, bureaucracy, different attitudes, work with group, goal creation, reflection etc.
  • Communication and feedback, body language, voice training, presentation skills, leadership
  • Acting, artistic techniques, mental hygiene, trainer’s ethics etc.

Would you like to become a trainer for INEX-SDA? Write to coordinator Irena Pajerová: