Youth empowerment through education and intercultural exchange

GLEN combines mutual learning in the Global North and Global South with inner-European exchange. Seminars of several days offer space for mutual and peer-to-peer learning and experience exchange. The European tandems foster this change of perspective by a three-month internship in the Global South. The GLEN cycle focuses on methods and contents of Global Learning which can be acquired and tested during the seminars and put into practice after the internship phase by organising an action or other initiatives linked to global issues.

Please note that this internship is part of the GLEN Anglo seminar group with English being the working language.


Are you convinced that a diverse and critical education is the basis for all social change? You have a background in teaching, social sciences, sustainable development or in an IT-related field? Well, this project might be of interest for you! You should have some experience in teaching or workshop facilitation, gained in a formal or non-formal context. Fundraising and marketing skills will also be much appreciated. A strong interest in intercultural learning and good communication skills are assets.

The “Tounge La’ Yat Education Gathering Group” (EGG) was established in 2011 and trains young people from marginalized communities. The organisation is located in Hpa-an in the Karen state of Myanmar and currently has six employees, among them four teachers. The EGG academy teaches subjects like computer, community development, learning skills, social sciences which include history, geography, politics, economics, peace, religion, gender and general health knowledge and has a focus on English language classes. One of its aims is to increase the student’s understanding of the different inter-ethnic and inter-religious dynamics in the community and to foster critical thinking. In the two-year intensive course, the students become resource persons for their respective communities. They are encouraged to promote higher education and to participate in the development of their communities effectively.

Together with two local interns and your GLEN tandem partner, you will support EGG in teaching and public relations work. You will organise three classes a week on topics related to social sciences, community development, information technology or the English language. You are further encouraged to organise cultural events and workshops outside the formal education programme, for example in the youth community café and in the Youth Learning Centre (YLC) which were opened in 2014 and 2015, respectively. By exchanging experiences and perspectives, EGG wants to enhance its programme structure and gain input for future networking and marketing.

The scheduled time for the internship is three months between July and beginning of October 2017.

Training and seminars prior to the internship will be held in English.

The GLEN tandem will be formed by a Czech and a Slovene participant.

Program component: GLEN Anglo

Language(s): English

Topic / area(s) of interest: Education, Media and Information, Civil Participation

Vocational field(s)/field(s) of study: Social sciences, Communication science/Media studies, Pedagogy/Education, Tourism, Community development

Period of the internship: 3 months between July and October 2017

Country: Myanmar

Number of Participants: 2 (4)

Proposed by: Nan YinnYinn (Principal – Tounge La’ Yat Education Gathering Group)

Number of the internship: 50004002-1116

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